February 9, 2015

Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Set | Overview

Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Set from HSN | $49 (Todays Special Value Price Only)

Okay guys, you don't even know how excited I am to finally write a post about this set. Like... I'M REALLY EXCITED. I just got this a few days ago in the mail but I've been dying to use it like crazy since first seeing the news that HSN was doing this insane Todays Special Value with Too Faced.

This Todays Special set included the original Chocolate Bar Palette, Better Than Sex full size mascara, Nude Beach full size lipstick, and a mini Shadow Insurance for $49 total (plus easy pay!). Like... can anyone even comprehend how good of a deal that is? Apparently they have, because they're claiming its over a $100 value for the price you'd pay for the palette alone, so today I'll be going over everything included in the set as well as an inspired makeup look using everything in the kit.

I'll start with the little things first, as I was of course most excited about the palette itself (which I know everyone in the entire world but me already owns anyways).

My first impression of everything was honestly, how incredibly amazing everything felt when I picked it up. The mascara felt hefty and luxiourious as did the lipstick, and theres this little silicone stopper around the inside lid of the lipstick so it pulls off very slowly, almost like its magnetized. It feels super high end and its definitely one of those lipsticks you can throw in your purse and be 2000% sure that the lid won't come off and cover everything in nude smudges. The shade itself of the lipstick in Nude Beach is absolutely gorgeous, and I love that they went with a color that suits anyone and everyone. 

As for the mascara, I've already tried Better Than Sex in a sample size before, but the full size is everything I loved about the sample +10 because I just can't get over how nice the packaging feels. The formula of this mascara is great and a cult favorite for good reason, as it separates, volumizes, and lengthens all in one without getting clumpy or heavy. I also find this one doesn't flake off onto my cheek nearly as bad as some drugstore ones tend to do, which is probably one of my biggest makeup pet peeves.

Moving on we go to the little sample size of Shadow Insurance. I actually already have this exact same sample from a set a year or two ago, so my opinion on it hasn't really changed, which is that this isn't my all time favorite eye primer as it ends up getting a bit watery by the end of the tube but it has been growing on me in recent weeks because I've been making myself use it more. It does the job and makes my eyeshadow last all day, which is probably the only real important part anyways.

And now the star of the show ladys and gents, the Chocolate Bar palette itself. Really, when looking at my collection, I don't have any high-end palettes at all, let alone any popular ones, so I was incredibly excited to finally add this to my collection after wanting it for forever.

The colors included are some of the prettiest I've seen in a neutral based palette, and they all look so soft and magical. The shimmery shades look beautiful, the matte shades look gorgeous, and everything about this palette just screams quality to me. Not only that, but it smells sooo good of course, and once again the packaging is spot on. I love that it includes a pretty hefty mirror in it, and the shadow names are also engraved in the newest versions of this palette which I know was a gripe a ton of people had before so it seems at this point theres really nothing left to improve on!

The formula of the shadows is also everything I had anticpated. All the shades are soft and buttery with virtually no fallout, exluding the extremely shimmery ones in the palette such as Gilded Ganache and Black Forest Truffle which do have a bit of sparkly fallout but nothing that isn't easily wiped away.

A couple little extras I recieved are a little sample of the Cocoa Foundation in Light Medium, as well as a couple little pamphlets showing a few looks to do with this palette as well as a coupon for $10 off my next $30 purchase from HSN (that I'll totally be using on a Too Faced product) which I thought was super cool of them to add as well. I feel terrible that this isn't available at the moment since it was a Todays Special, but the price originally said it was $59 on the HSN site from what I saw so I still decided to write this post for you guys in case this set is restocked, which I hope it will be! Because honestly, even at $59 this kit would still be an absolute steal.

Nude beach on the lips, Too Faced Shadow Insurance as primer, Better Than Sex as mascara, White Chocolate on brow bone, Cherry Cordial in crease, Triple Fudge on lower lashline, Marzipan on lid, Champagne Truffle in inner corner

This kit has definitely made Too Faced climb up a few steps in my ladder of favorite brands, and I'll be forever drooling at the sweet little packaging they bless all their products with. I'll also be doing an in-depth review on each of the products shown in this post, so stay tuned!

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