February 2, 2015

MAC Lip Palette | Depotted Drugstore Lipsticks & Collection

MAC Empty Palette & 24 Pan Insert (Sold Separately) | $10

So after gaining a slight obsession with Myeyeshadowisodd on YouTube recently and binge watching a ton of her videos, I saw one where she depotted all of her lipsticks into a little MAC palette and thought, I really need to try that. 

MAC sells empty 24 pan inserts for what I think is a steal at $2 each, and you can either buy a single sided empty palette to pop the insert into or a dual sided palette where you can have two inserts on each side with a clear divider in the middle. I decided to go with the single palette as I don't have many lipsticks shades as it is, and already had an empty palette laying around that I wasn't using. 

I decided to only depot my drugstore lipsticks in my palette this time around because one, I was terrified that I would jack up the process and make a total mess of my lipsticks and two, I only have 2 high end lipsticks at the moment since wearing anything but nude on my lips is still a slow moving process for me.

I have to say though, the final result turned out perfectly, and I'm OBSESSED with how pretty this looks!

I won't go into too much detail on the process as I followed a video step by step (click here to watch!), but as you can see by the rougher texture I did not use heat on my lipsticks when depotting them. I personally like this rougher texture better as I think it'll be creamier when applying, and I didn't want to change the formula of my lipsticks by melting them down. I also really love that this method only uses the very bottom of the lipstick tube, as you can just pop the top bit right back in and use it like you normally would have! That makes it easy to still travel with and take on the go, as well as being able to use it straight from the palette or tube depending on your mood.

All Avon shades shown are samples, and could be mislabeled

Now you might wonder why would I decided to depot my lipsticks if I still keep the other half of them in the tube, and the answer is it's much more convenient to have them all in one place like this! Not only can I easily see every color I own and get more use out of every shade, but I can also free up a ton of room in my every day makeup storage while putting all the tubes in my separate collection storage or purse. It's a win win in my book and I honestly wish I had done this ages ago as I'm feeling more creative then ever now with all the lip looks I can achieve.

I hope you guys got some inspiration from this post, or just liked seeing my drugstore lipstick collection :P 

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