February 24, 2015

Maybelline | Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black | $9.99 for .106 oz. & Liner Brush

Back to gel liner again, are we? Okay, I know I'm kind of bi-polar with my eyeliners, as I go from being obsessed with liquid liners one minute to gels the next, but lately I've really gotten into wearing super thin, crisp winged liner rather than my staple thick cat eye, which gels are great at achieving. Unfortunately, Sephora was sold out of the new Tarteist Clay Liner when I went to my local store recently, and there was no other higher end brand I was set on so I had to pick up a cheaper alternative for now as all my other liners are on their last few swipes.

I went with the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner because not only does it come with a liner brush which I desperately need, but its a great price and I've heard everyone and their momma rave about how great this product is. I actually tried it out back in early high school and loved it, so this is a bit of a revisited review because it looks like the jar has changed so perhaps the formula has too.

I got the shade Blackest Black in this liner and holy moly, this liner is blaaaack. It dries to a completely matte finish too, which I absolutely love in an eyeliner as I think it looks super clean and neat. It dries nearly immediately so I haven't ever had a problem with it transferring to my upper lid or smudging after application.

I find that this liner is just as long lasting as I anticipated and like most other gel products, easily lasts through out my 8+ hour work days without smudging or flaking. I also find that I have to scrub a bit with my makeup remover wipes at the end of the day to remove it, so this guy really won't be going anywhere on your eye no matter what the occasion might be. 

The formula on this is super creamy, but almost too creamy if I'm being honest. I feel like it slips around when applying just a tad more than I'd like, and I find that I have to build up the color more in certain areas as it can go on thinner in some areas and darker in others. The overall finished result looks really opaque and pretty though, so I don't mind having to work with it a bit.

I think the only thing I'm really not big on is the liner brush it comes with. Its kind of like a thin, flat baby lip brush rather than your standard tiny liner brush, and its a bit awkward to get a cat eye with. I think it works great if you're someone who only applies eyeliner to your lid and doesn't add a flick, but the brush definitely isn't thin enough to get a nice crisp winged out line otherwise. The brush is basically free with the product regardless, so its really no biggie though I would prefer to just buy a version without it for a buck or two less.


I think that this is a great drugstore gel liner and I really like it a lot. It has great staying power, a nice matte finish, and a stark black color, but its a bit too creamy on the eye and can tend to slip and slide while applying just a bit more than I'd prefer. I was expecting this to be holy grail status but unfortunately it misses the mark by just a tad. This is a great option for those of you looking for an affordable, durable black liner though, and the bonus brush is convenient for those of you who don't already own one. I much prefer its application with a smaller, thin brush myself though, so I wish they would make a version without it and lower the price by just a few bucks to make it an even better deal. I would purchase this liner again though, because its one of the better gel formulas I've come across!

What are some of your favorite drugstore liners?

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