February 27, 2015

theBalm | La Balmba Steal The Spotlight Palette Volume 2

theBalm La Balmba Steal The Spotlight Palette in  Vol. Two | $15.00 for 4 eyeshadows

You guys, I've officially become obsessed with shopping at Kohls now I think. Mostly because its the only store within about 300 miles of me that sells theBalm products, which in my opinion has some of the best products in the cuuutest packaging. I have a ton of respect for the brand in general and I love how different their line is from other brands on the market, so when I was standing in line waiting to checkout and saw this mini eyeshadow palette on one of the checkout tables, I knew I had to snag it.

This theBalm palette is the La Balmba Steal The Spotlight palette in Vol. Two, which has 4 gorgeous cool toned eyeshadows. I originally had actually liked Vol. One a lot better because it has warm colors in it, but they were all colors I had very similar dupes for while these shades are all totally different from everything I own, so I thought picking this one up was slightly more justified than my usual impulse buys.

Now I don't know if this sounds weird, but the minute I opened this palette in the checkout line I gasped out loud at how soft and smooth the eyeshadows looked. Because really, when it comes to theBalm all you have to do is look at them to see how high quality they are.

I only ended up paying $12 for this palette for 4 shades which I think is an absolute steal, and the colors include Merengue, Samba, Cha-Cha, and Tango.

Merenque is a beautiful bronzed gold shade, and one of the more neutral shades in the palette. I love this as a lid color to balance out the rest of the shadows, and warm everything up just a bit without being too orange or brown.

Samba is a shimmery light olive color, that applies much more sheer and less olive then it looks in the pan. The color is soft and pigmented though, just be warned its not very true to what you see in the palette and comes off as more of a light pear green.

Cha-Cha is my favorite of the bunch, and is an insanely pretty royal blue. I'm actually not very big on blue shadows, but this shade is so striking and I love applying it on the outer corner of the eye with a really warm brown shade in the crease. This shade is super pigmented and I find that it doesn't apply muddy like some other dark blues can do.

Lastly is Tango, which is a muted down dark shimmery blue shade. This is almost like a mixture of Samba and Cha-Cha, but a bit darker and less bold. This is a great option as a blue substitute for days you want blue without it being in your face, and goes great with a ton of different smokey eye combinations.


Saying I freaking love this palette is an understatement cause really, I freaking love this palette. The pigmentation of every shade is spectacular, and the colors apply bold and pigmented without looking washed out or muddy (except for maybe Samba.) I also like that while these are all shades I'm normally scared to wear, they surprisingly look really beautiful on the eye and they pair great with warm toned colors you may already own. I think theBalm might just be up there in my favorite brands, because I find that I'm always impressed with their products and its one company I find that the quality is always very consistent!

Let me know some of your favorite theBalm products, because I really want to try out some of their face products next :)

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