February 15, 2015

Save Or Skip | ELF $1 Eyelashes

ELF Dramatic Lash Kit | $1 for Eyelashes & Glue

Lately I've been seeing massive amounts of people going the route of fake eyelashes now rather than coats upon coats of mascara, so I've started to get quite curious myself into the idea of wearing them more often. The only time I've ever worn fake lashes before is on Halloween, so its safe to say I'm no expert on how to apply them or ways to take care of them. Because of this, I wanted to start small rather than splurge on a $10 pair of lashes that I might end up ruining, so I decided to pick up these super cheap ELF eyelashes in the style Dramatic to try out this growing trend.

Left lash has already been trimmed prior to picture

To start, I bought these lashes for $1 at Target which includes not only the lashes but also a little eyelash glue bottle, so this is definitely the place to start for beginners like me because not only is the price unbelievable, but it also includes everything you need to apply them.

However, I have to admit that I don't totally trust the glue in these because I don't want to take the chance of being at work with an eyelash hanging off my face, so I decided to opt with this LashGrip Adhesive I bought a few Halloweens ago instead because its worked well in the past (I honestly don't even know how this thing is still fine considering I've also lost the cap on it haha). Buying an alternative eyelash glue than the one provided works out for the better in the long run, since you can just store it in your makeup drawers and keep it handy for other lashes you buy and ones that may not include glue too,

I've just trimmed a tiny single lash off of each end of both lashes as they come quite long for my eyes. The quality of the lashes themselves seem to be quite nice for the price, though they are a little brittle so I would definitely be careful when removing these if you want to stretch their uses. I found that after my first application, they already started too look a bit tangled and frayed so I wouldn't expect to get more than a couple of uses out of these, but for a dollar I really can't complain.


Bare lashes with a little eye makeup on.


 Lashes applied with coat of mascara to blend natural and real lashes.

Since these are described as dramatic, I do find them to look a bit too bold for everyday use, but they definitely aren't super over the top like some lashes can be. I also found them easy to work with and shape with a lash curler, without breaking off any lash hairs or making bend marks. The band thickness is pretty average in size so it isn't hard to hide with a bit of liner, but these were a bit uncomfortable on the inner corners of my eye, probably because wearing lashes isn't something I'm used to and I still haven't perfected how to apply them.

Overall, I would say these lashes are definitely worth buying for the dollar, and they're awesome beginner lashes for noobs like me who will probably end up ruining a few pairs in the process of learning the ins and outs of lash applying! They're a bit brittle and start to look scruffy after the first one or two uses, but they're affordable enough to keep repurchasing until you feel ready to invest in some higher quality pairs.

Final thoughts? Buy these and save some money if you're new at lashes, or are in a pickle and need something fast! These lashes come in both Natural and Dramatic at Target stores, so check them out next time you're there shopping :)

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