March 16, 2015

Eyeshadow Tutorial | Holy Ghost

Featuring Sugarpill, Inglot, & Urban Decay

I'm super excited today because I officially have my first eyeshadow pic tutorial to share with you guys :) I feel like putting up product reviews all the time is nice, but I'm sure seeing a product actually in action is just as helpful so you can actually see the quality for yourself, so I thought from now on I would throw up more tutorials in place of product reviews to have a little bit of everything on my blog.

Today, I'm using a couple of the products I featured in my recent Beautylish haul, including Sugarpills pigment in Holy Ghost and Inglots 108 orange eyeshadow trio. This look was inspired by one I had seen on Instagram by another blogger, but I can't remember her account because it was on my explore tab! :( If I remember I'll add it into this post in the future though.

All other products and shades will be listed at the bottom of the page if you're interested, so lets hop right into it! :)

1. Starting with a fresh clean face, I just applied a thin layer of my foundation over my lid followed by the Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prep my eyes. I'm doing my foundation after my eyeshadow today, since we'll be working with a loose pigment.

2. Apply a nude matte eyeshadow to your brow bone using a large shader brush, working it from under your brow to your upper inner corner. I used Righteous from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette and a Coastal Scents Large Shadow brush.

3. Apply a shimmery white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye. I used the same brush and palette from step two but with the color Furious.

4. Take a dome shaped crease brush, and apply a midtone orange shade to the crease in an almost straight line, making sure not to curve it on the outer portion of the eye or connect it to your lower lashline. I'm using the middle orange color from my Inglot 108 trio, with Makeup Geeks small crease brush (she redid her brush line I believe so they may be different then the ones I own),

5. Next, take a fluffy blending brush and apply a little bit of a dark brown color just under the orange we applied in the last step, acting as a transition shade for the crease and lid color. Blend it well with the orange, and blend out the orange as needed. I used a Makeup Geek pointed crease brush and Semi-Sweet from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette for this step.

6. Now, apply Sugarpills Holy Ghost loose eyeshadow onto the lid, packing on the color rather than swiping. If needed, build up the color until desired boldness is achieved. I used the ELF $1 essential shadow brush for this step.

7. Since we're finished with all our eyeshadow colors on this part of the eye, go ahead and do your face makeup and eyebrows before this step!  Use makeup remover beforehand under the eyes to remove any fallout that might've fallen onto the face.
After this, go back in with Holy Ghost, tap off the excess product, and swipe it along the lower lashline to pull the look together.

8. Finished! Feel free to finish how you wish, applying eyeliner, mascara, and if you wish falsies, as needed.

(This picture probably looks over edited because it is! :P It came out super dark and almost pitch black on my camera so I had to bump up the exposure like crazy to get it to look normal, sorry!)

And thats the finished eye look! I took these pictures at 6 in the morning before work so unfortunately the pictures aren't the greatest, but all I did was draw a small winged out flick on the outer corner of my eye, put NYXs jumbo pencil in Milk along my waterline, and applied the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara over my lashes after curling them once my eyeshadow was done.

Let me know if you guys found this tutorial helpful, and what kind of other colors you'd like me to use next :) Also, if you like my blog please go like my facebook page here! I post all my new content onto there so you can keep up with my posts as well as see a few extra goodies in between :)


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