March 19, 2015

Spring & Easter Wishlist

Featuring Sugarpill, MAC, and More

My house doesn't really go too crazy on presents for Easter since Christmas was just a few months prior, so unfortunately this wishlist won't get much checked off! I'll probably end up gifting myself a few of these items like I normally do though ('cause who doesn't like to spoil themselves), so heres all the products I've got my eyes on this easter/spring season :)

1. Charlotte Tilbury Flimstar Bronze & Glow Palette // $68
Ugh, can we just look at this packaging? I never splurge on super pricey items like this so this is gonna be a difficult buy for me, but I've managed to pass up all the other contour/highlighting palettes coming out like crazy lately and I don't own any high end highlighters at the moment so PERHAPS I can justify this purchase?!

2. Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow // $13-$14
Because well... they're gorgeous. I never thought I would end up liking loose eyeshadows as much as I do but I think Holy Ghost and Countess have got me hooked on wanting to try every brand I can now. The blendability is great, and the color payoff is unmatched, plus theres enough product in every jar to last you a lifetime and beyond . On my current want list is probably Asylum, Hug Life, Grand Tiara, Penelope, and Charmy.

3. MAC Blushes // $22
Pretty broad, but I still have yet to own any MAC blushes apart from Sideshow You from the Simpson Collection, so I really want to get my hands on more of them. You guys know that blush is probably my favorite makeup product so I really want to work on building my collection of them, and my current stash is in dire need of some berry colors!

4. LASplash Liptint Mousse in Nagini and Sirius // $11.98
Rivaling brands like Melt and Lime Crime, LASplash has been coming out with these really bold liquid lipsticks lately and I've had my eye on the green and blue shade in Nagini and Sirius so far. They've been all over Instagram recently and the quality looks insane for being pretty affordable, so I'm excited to give these a try as I haven't really delved into other liquid lipstick lines yet.

5. MAC Prep + Prime Lip // $16
If you guys read my recent OCC Lip Tar review, you'd know that I've been having trouble getting it to last on my lips, as well as a few other lip products I own. I want a quick fix that'll work with any and all formulas, and I've heard good things about MAC's Prep + Prime for the lips so I really want to pick it up and see if it solves any of my longevity woes. The price isn't too bad for being from MAC, so this will probably end up being in my next shopping trip!

6. Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume // $58 for 1.3 oz.
Super pricey and perfumes do not mix well for me, as the most expensive one I own is probably no more than $25. However, I smelled this in my Target store recently on the display cases and I instantly fell in looooove. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it just feels so warm and cozy like I could just cuddle in bed with a sweater on all day smelling like miracles and ponys. 

7.  NYX Intense Butter Glosses // $6
Yes, my last wishlist items are actually in spring colors for my spring wishlist haha! I think I'm still stuck in winter trends but regardless, the bright fun colors of the intense butter glosses from NYX have me intrigued. Specifically, I'm really wanting Banana Split, Berry Strudel, and Napoleon because they're all so bold and totally different from everything I already own, and they seem like the perfect spring product for the next coming months. 

Let me know what you guys have on your wishlist this Easter and Spring season, and if you enjoy seeing posts like this as I'm never sure if people like them or not!

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