March 28, 2015

March 2015 | Favorites

I think I've mentioned this on my blog before, but because I only wear makeup 3 or 4 days a week, I don't always do a favorites post each month as I don't always have a group of products I was obsessed with enough! However, I was quite sick through out this month and in a pretty grumpy mood, which means I used lots of products galore to cover it up and make me look like a normal member of society again haha. This month I have a little array of everything, ranging from lip balm to some jewelry again!

RCMA Foundation in KO-1 |
Though this foundation is too dark for me, I've been obsessing over its coverage and longevity this month. The yellow undertone to it not only goes good with my complexion, but it also covers a lot of my imperfections, including a few spots I've had popping up along with some under eye darkness from my lack of good sleep lately.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette |
I didn't expect to like this palette as much as I do to be honest as I'm just not a huge neutral gal as most people are, but the array of shades and textures makes this an easy go-to palette for any makeup look! Even when I wear bright makeup I find myself dabbling into some of the shades in here, so I think its definitely a good palette to own whether you're a neutral junkie or a bold & bright lover as there's something for everyone to like. More on this later though, as a review is coming soon.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil |
I received this product from my Ipsy bag, and its basically become a staple in my makeup routine now. At first I only used this on the waterline, but now I use it under my eyes, on any acne flare ups, and even on the bridge of my nose and under my brow bone to just brighten and conceal. This pencil isn't quite light enough to be a true highlight shade on me, but it blends right in with my foundation so it really cleans up my makeup and makes everything look crisp and defined.

Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Lip Balm in Honey |
I wrote a post about this lip balm here, and as you can tell I love it! Its been my go to balm through out the entire month of March, and made my super dry, cracked lips from being sick soft and pretty again. I'm really sad that its limited edition as I could totally see myself buying a boat load of these and throwing them in each room of the house, but I'm excited to check out some of the other balms Tony Moly makes as I'm sure they have the same great formula.

Original Beauty Blender |
I don't recall ever actually mentioning this little guy on my blog before, but this has been my only (literally, I refuse to use a brush these days) way of applying my foundation these past few months now. I didn't realize until I recently tried using a flat top brush again that I loved this beauty blender so much, and people aren't kidding when they say theres nothing out there like it. Definitely worth the splurge and I highly recommend trying it out if you have problems with your foundation application.

Oh My, Lash! Lashes in Watch Me Shine |
You guys have already heard me mention a million times on here by now that I'm trying to learn how to properly apply lashes, and this month the style Watch Me Shine was my favorite to wear! I love that these have a clear lash band so they blend much better with my real lashes, and look less noticeable when I er, don't quite apply them correctly. This style is super natural and short, so they're a great newbie pair to start off with since they look like your lashes but better. Definitely been an interesting learning experience so far, but I'm getting there.

Dessange Replenishing Oil |
I wish I could have included the entire Dessange line in this post, but that would have probably seemed a taaaad excessive so instead I decided to just include the Replenishing Oil. This line has totally transformed my hair lately, and has made it look super healthy and sleek instead of damaged and scruffy like it used to. I literally haven't had a single bad hair day since adding all the Replenishing products into my haircare routine, so head over to this post and read my full review!

Lauren Conrad Anchor Earrings |
I haven't mentioned this on my blog before, but I actually used to have stretched ears and recently took them out after they were bugging me, which was super depressing as I really loved the look of them :( However, these earrings almost mimic the look of stretched ears, so they've basically been living in my ears all month.. I got them on clearance at Kohls too, so they ended up being quite the bargain!

Eva-Nye Up All Night Volumizing Spray |
I didn't expect to like this spray as much as I do, but this has honestly become a must-have in my after shower routine! I notice a huge difference in the bounce and fullness of my hair when I forget to spritz it before blow drying, and it has such a unique, pretty scent that I'm slowly becoming obsessed with. I actually received this in my February Ipsy bag and its just about on its last leg, so I'm super bummed I won't have it in my bathroom for a few weeks until I order another one :(

Woo, sorry so many products guys! I've just had a terrible end to this month including getting my arm and hand hurt to breaking my brand new iPhone, so I definitely resorted to using a ton of products to get me out of my funky mood haha.

Tell me about some of your favorites this month, and anything you might be picking up in April!

Shown Above:
Tony Moly | Bbo Bbo Lip Balm in Honey
RCMA | Color Process Foundation in KO-1
Beauty Blender | Original
Too Faced | Chocolate Bar Palette
Dessange | Replenishing Oil
Lauren Conrad | Anchor Earrings
Oh My, Lash! | Lashes in Watch Me Shine
Eva-Nye | Up All Night Volumizing Spray
Chella | Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil

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