March 31, 2015

UrbanOG | Light Up Sneakers

UrbanOG Light Up Canvas Sneakers | $69.90 Retail

UPDATE**: After less than a month of wear, both shoes have stopped lighting up :( I contacted UrbanOG and they are saying they won't reimburse me since I purchased them over 30 days ago. Buyer beware when purchasing these as I'm not sure if mine were defective or just not very durable!**

Oh gosh... I'm actually posting something 'fashion' related again hahah. If you've been here a while, you'd probably know that I started off  my blog as mostly 'fashion' based, and that I have quite a quirky style. That's why when I saw these light up shoes on UrbanOG, I knew they had to be mine.

These are the 7 Color LED Light Up Canvas Sneakers in the color black, in a size 9 since they don't run in half sizes (I'm usually an 8.5, but these fit perfect on me.) I had originally seen them on Shop Jeen's website, but they were sold out of the black in my size so I decided to do some googling and that's when I found UrbanOG with them stocked and a 25% off deal going on. This is my first time buying from them before, but I'm quite happy with my purchase!

These shoes have a hidden button on the side of each sneaker to change the color to whatever you'd like, including everything from red, blue, or green to purple and white. You can also turn them off too, which is great for work or school if you aren't allowed to have them on or don't want to distract everyone else. They also need to be charged (which can be found under the soles & includes a split USB cable), but you only need to charge them for an hour to get up to 4 hours of wear time, so I think the trade off is quite reasonable.

The canvas part of these do feel slightly cheaper than say Converse hi-tops, but I could still see them holding up for at least a few years before needing to be retired. The sole is very thick too, which I love because it provides a lot of comfort and an almost platform like feel. I think that because they can turn off, they make a great everyday pair of shoes and are super comfortable to wear.

The biggest con I've found about these is the fact that the website says they aren't waterproof. I'm not sure if that means they just can't be washed or literally can't be worn in the rain/when its wet outside, but because of the warning I think I'd be too scared to wear them out with a wet ground so its a bit disappointing that there are restrictions to them. 

So needless to say, these shoes have basically become a staple in my everyday wardrobe now, and I think they're so fun and different and definitely a statement piece when worn lit! I get tons of compliments about them when I wear them around shopping and work and I could totally see people rocking these to a multitude of occasions, whether its out clubbing or going to a concert. Did I mention they're great for safety if you'll be walking around late at night too and want to warn cars? Yeah, these are kind of awesome.

Comment below what your personal style is, or if you're like me and just like anything out of the box!

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