March 8, 2015

My Lips But Deader | OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Sebastian | $18.00 for .33 oz.

If you're a big social media person like me, you've probably seen the OCC lip tars about 4,659 times on your feed (if not more). They're these insanely pigmented, opaque lip colors in small little squeezey tubes that come in every color you could imagine, including nudes and pinks to blues and yellows. I've always been so intrigued by not only the lip tars but Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics as a whole, so I decided to finally try out the lip tar line and went with the shade Sebastian as my first victim. 

Sebastian is described as a plum-toned taupe shade, and is pretty much the king of the 'dead lip look'. Despite being such an odd shade though, its actually quite flattering on everyone I've seen wear it, and its one of those out of the box colors that you can still get away with without looking too insane in normal society.

The product itself is super pigmented, so you only need a tiny drop for your entire mouth. It also has a strong peppermint scent to it since its peppermint oil based, which I really like! It smells fresh and minty and contains great vegan ingredients so you don't feel like you're just wiping chemicals all over your lips.

Every lip tar come in a little plastic pouch with directions and a baby lip brush for easy application, so you can get a perfect pout every time. Normally I don't like tiny brushes like this, but this one is pretty nice quality and has a thin tip to it so you can not only pack the product onto the lips, but you can also use the tip to get a nice clean edge.

The application is where my problem lies though, because I really have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

Everyone I've ever seen do a review on lip tars says how long lasting and opaque they are, but for some crazy reason I've had a ton of problems with getting Sebastian to last. Whether I use a lot of product or a little, I notice that by hour 2 of wear the entire inner rim around my mouth is bare again and that's without eating or drinking anything in that time frame with an average amount of talking. I also find that it is a bit drying around hour 3 as well, which makes it a bit uncomfortable to wear on the lips.

Even when this does dry out my lips though, I just apply a thin layer of lip balm right over it which spreads around the lip tar again and refreshes the color to make it less patchy, but it still doesn't help the longevity last. I find that on days I apply a liner around my lips, the color will cling to those areas more then the rest of my mouth, making the color fade unevenly. A lip pencil could greatly increase its wear because of this, however I don't think a good lip product should totally depend on one which this lip tar seems to do.

I haven't had any issues with Sebastian bleeding around the edges of my mouth which is a big plus though, since it was the main issue I had worried about with these lip tars. I usually spread a tiny amount of product around the outside of my lips, while applying a bit more in the center to really build up the color.

One other thing I've noticed with these is they do take quite a few minutes to dry down, so I would avoid too much talking or eating in the process to eliminate any slipping around. I would say after 5-10 minutes it completely dries though, becoming matte there on.


I have to admit, I'm a bit underwhelmed by this Sebastian lip tar. Its a beautiful color and I've seen so many people look amazing in it, but the application for me has been a bit difficult to work with. I'm not sure if its something I'm doing wrong or this color in particular, but the color goes on slightly uneven when applied and fades very quickly on my lips after only 2-3 hours of wear, especially around the inner rim of my mouth. The formula is also a bit drying throughout the day, but applying a thin layer of lip balm over top refreshes the color and hydrates my lips again. Sebastian doesn't bleed around my lip line, but its still a bit of a hassle to wear.

Even though I'm not very impressed by my first lip tar, I still haven't given up all hope on the line as there's waaay too many beautiful colors and finishes to pass up! I'm also going to invest in more lip liners as well as the primer that OCC offers to try to perfect the application of these and see if it is my own user error after all. I will definitely post an updated review or application technique if my thoughts on these change!

Comment below on some of your tips and tricks to applying your lip tars, as I feel like I've already tried a bunch of ways and I'm currently at a loss of ideas haha.

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