March 5, 2015

Oh My Lash, Free Eyelashes!

Oh My, Lash! Eyelashes | $5.99 Each

As you guys can probably catch on by now, I've been really getting into false lashes lately. I usually wear super thick winged liner, but lately I've been really enjoying experimenting with my look, which has involved opting for falsies rather than liquid liner.

Because of this, I've been trying out a couple of the most inexpensive eyelash brands I can find, since I'm still terrible (really terrible, actually) at applying them and don't want to ruin a really nice expensive pair on its first use. Thats when I was reading up on Sultry Suburbias blog and she made a post about 'Free Lash Friday' over at Oh My, Lash's website. Wait, what? Free eyelashes? I'm game!

According to what I've read, Oh My, Lash! offers a free set of eyelashes once a month on a randomly announced Friday, where you can get a few sets of lashes that are normally $20+ for free! All you need to do is pay for shipping, which sounds fair in my opinion. I paid $5.75 for shipping and recieved the four lashes included for free, so I think it was well worth the money and they arrived 5 days after my order was placed. All you have to do is be signed up for their newsletter and wait for the code to be emailed to you, which you can even do the day of the sale.

The four lashes included each retail for $5.99 each, and are in the styles Hi There!, Extraooordinary!, Only Me!, and Watch Me Shine!. I think my favorite of the bunch is Hi There! since its got more of that anime, cosplay feel to it. 

My first impression of these was not only that the packaging was really cool and how shiny they were, but yay a clear band! With these having a clear band, I think they're absolutely perfect for people like me who still haven't got their lash application down yet, as it won't be nearly as noticeable as a black lash band if you apply them a bit wonky.

I also really like that all the styles included are super wearable since they're from Oh My, Lashes Naturalista Collection, while still being quite different from eachother.

Unfortunately these aren't free anymore, but you can still buy them separately on the Oh My, Lash! website so I'll link them down below. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter soon too so you won't miss out on the next 'Free Lash Friday' :D

Whats some of your favorite shops to buy falsies from?

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