April 28, 2015

Sephora Collection | Music Festival Kit

Sephora Collection Music Festival Kit | $15 for 5 Products

I have to admit, when I saw this kit on the Sephora website, I thought it was going to be too good to be true. I mean, 5 full size Sephora Collection products for $15 total? Yeah, maybe two or three of them will be decent. But holy moly I was so wrong and I'm so excited to be sharing this kit with you guys!

To start, this Music Festival Kit comes with 2 full sizes blushes, 1 full size lipgloss, 1 full size waterproof  jumbo liner, and 30 bobby pins. Yes, you seriously get THAT much stuff, for the price of one of the blushes alone.

The initial reason I bought this is because I really wanted to buy something with the 10% off Beauty Insider sale last week but didn't want to spend too much money, so I figured with the sale I wouldn't be too upset if every product was a miss because it came with bobby pins anyways and I really needed some.

There isn't much to say about the bobby pins other then they come in these beautiful ombre green colors. I tend to go through bobby pins like crazy because I toss them around everywhere in my house, so hopefully these ones being really pretty will make me actually keep them in one place haha

The lip gloss and jumbo liner are definitely the biggest surprises for me in the bunch quality wise.

This gloss is in the shade 31 Marquisette, and is probably one of my favorite items in the collection. Not only do the gold sparkles in it actually show up on the lips, but it feels amazing on and gives a pretty glowy sheen when applied. It feels much more like a balm rather than a gloss too, so I love keeping it in my purse to apply through out the day.

The liner included is the 12 Hour Wear Waterproof Jumbo Liner in Peacock Blue Shimmer and is great too, because it actually is waterproof unlike many other jumbo pencils and doesn't smudge or smear through out the day. I find that the NYX jumbo pencils are a bit too creamy and therefore slip and slide everywhere after applying them, but once I apply this Sephora pencil to my waterline it stays put all day. The color is perfect for summer too, and I love adding blue underneath my eye with neutral eyeshadow on my top lid for beachy eye looks.

The blushes are both my favorite of the bunch (of course), and are in two really unique shades, including Orange Pop and Fuchsia Flash. They're both some of the smoothest blushes I own, and don't look powdery or chalky on the skin despite both being matte. The colors are also very pigmented too, but they start off looking very subtle and natural on the cheeks and have buildable color to be as bright or sheer as you'd like. I've been reaching for one of these two every day since I got this kit, so I'm pretty stoked to check out the rest of the shades they offer because they're such a reasonable price for what you're getting.

I would 10000% recommend this kit for everyone to try out, because the quality you get for the price you're paying is incredible! Every product was a huge hit for me and I'm really excited to try out other products from the Sephora Collection now. Plus, the colors are all perfect for summer, and give a really pretty, effortless look when worn together.

What are some other Sephora Collection products you'd recommend for me to try out?

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