May 1, 2015

No Buy May & Project Pan: Initiated

Project Pan #1 & No Buy May

I've seen an abundance of people announcing that they're going on a no-buy for beauty products recently, and I always thought to myself 'LOL yeah I could never do that'. But lately I've noticed that I've had at least 1 or 2 packages at my door a week of beauty hauls, and that a lot of the products I already own are going unnoticed. Which if you know me is a huge annoyance, because I hate wasting money and makeup doesn't last forever.

Because of this, I'm deciding to not only go on a no buy for the next month of beauty products, but I'm also going to start a 'Project Pan' because I have faaar too many products in my stash right now that I've had for years and never touch. I'm talking like, 5 year old products that I've had since I started doing makeup that should've been tossed centuries ago. Pretty gross :x

For my Project Pan this month, I'm going to try to get through quite a few products, including a mini Too Faced Primed & Poreless face primer, MAC Pro Longwear foundation in NC 15, Elf pressed powder in Porcelain *which is definitely not porcelain at all*, Sleek contour kit in Light thats about as dingy looking as possible now, and an Elf eyebrow kit in Medium.

Also for some lip and eye products, I have a mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, ELF Natural Nymph lipstick,  the Avon Mega Effects weird mascara thingy, NYX discontinued eyeshadow in White, ANNNND the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara on my to do list. 

I told you it was a whole lot of products :{D

Its nice that there's such an array of products, because I can basically just use every product each time I do my makeup this month until they're gone, though its probably going to get reaaal boring after the first few days since I love me some color variety. Ah well though, its all in the name of cleaning out my collection to make room for newer and better things *sigh*.

I'll keep you guys updated on how Project Pan is going through out the next few weeks, and if my No Buy May for makeup goes as planned! Wish me luck, 'cause I'm sure going to need it.

Do you guys have any plans of doing a Project Pan or going on a no buy soon? If so, what's your strategy to either task?

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