May 8, 2015

Clinique | Ginger Pop, Cheek Pop!

Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop | $21 for .12 oz.

Since Clinique recently expanded their range of the all so famous Cheek Pop blushes, I thought it was probably time to finally post my review of one I've had for almost a year now from the original color range, Ginger Pop! Clearly I'm just slightly behind on blog posts lol.

Ginger Pop is probably the most neutral, color friendly option in the line. Its not too pink or too orange, so its a great place to start for anyone who wants to try out the range since this color will look great on virtually anyone. It does have a bit of what looks like silver shimmer through out it, but it transfers onto the cheek as more of a glow rather than glittery look.

I think the best word to describe this blush is simply: natural. Everything about this blush is incredibly natural looking on the skin, and its extremely hard to overdo it with this product. It has a satin like finish to it, so it gives a beautiful, soft flush of color without actually looking like a blush, and makes the skin look incredibly healthy and glowy. 

Now if you know me, you know I love vibrant, intense blush colors because I'm weird and like to rock clown cheeks, so I didn't get much use out of this color at first. But now its my go to shade when I either don't know what color to pair with an eyeshadow look and need something that goes with everything, or I want a much more natural makeup look since this looks beautiful without even trying.

The actual color starts off very sheer, but it is quite buildable, while never looking over done. Even the satin finish to it doesn't get too glowy with building the color up, so its truly the perfect blush whether you're a blush newbie or pro makeup artist since its effortless to apply. I also don't find I need to use a highlighter on my cheekbones with this product, since it already bounces plenty of light off the tops of my cheeks.

The formula isn't powdery or chalky in the slightest either, which is probably why the texture of it applies so beautifully. The flower imprint has also stayed even after a ton of use too, which I thought was a nice little bonus since most imprints like this disappear after the first few uses.


At first, I wasn't completely sold by this blush, because I thought it was a bit too sheer for my taste and I was a much bigger fan of matte finishes since I already apply enough highlighter. But after learning to build this color up and skip out on the highlighter when wearing this product, I instantly fell in love, and I definitely go through periods of obsessing over it where it'll be all I use for a week straight. This blush is perfect for anyone that wants an effortless, natural flush of color to the cheeks without looking too fake or extreme. I find that it blends into the skin like butter, and I love it for light makeup days or when I need a neutral shade to pair with an intense eye look. Ginger Pop specifically is a beautiful neutral shade, and I highly recommend this color if you aren't quite sure where to start in the line!

What is your favorite color from the Clinique Cheek Pop line?

Shown Above:
Clinique | Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop


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