May 11, 2015

Lime Crime Venus Palette | Review (& Controversy)

Lime Crime Venus Palette | $42 for 8 eyeshadows

Ahhh yes, Lime Crime. I've been following them on various social media sites for years now, but have never purchased from them, mostly because the prices were a bit too high for colors I would never get use out of. Then suddenly, they released the Venus Palette, which I swore to myself I would own one day because it probably has the most beautiful packaging EVER, and every single color in the palette is flawless (we're talking warm magical shades of red and brown and pink up the yang here). 

However, while I was waiting for the palette to finally come back in stock around March on the Lime Crime website, craziness happened where their website was hacked and hundreds of dollars were being stolen out of thousands of customers accounts, and the entire makeup community basically banished them from existence and no one wants anything to do with them anymore.

I don't want to get too much more into the controversy surrounding Lime Crime on this post since I want my blog to be a place of positivity, but I figured I would at least give a little back story on the company to inform people about all the bad things that have been going on with them in case you aren't familiar with every thing that happened or have never heard of the company before. (Also a disclaimer: I was well aware of all the other controversy surrounding the owner and company even before the breach happened, which was another large reason I had never bought anything from them until now.)

WITH ALL THAT SAID, I kept my promise to myself about owning this palette because it is truly a gorgeous palette, and as a makeup collector, I just had to have it in my collection. I did however feel uncomfortable purchasing it from the official Lime Crime website, so I bought mine on the Urban Outfitters site which I would strongly recommend doing if you're someone who wants to try out or repurchase Lime Crime products but is worried about security purposes. 

Onto the actual review now!

When I received this palette in the mail, my first thought was wow, this really is beautiful. In person the colors are even more pretty and saturated than I had imagined, and it feels incredibly well made for being that cardboard type of packaging some palettes come in. The mirror in it is also a definite plus, and I'm just stunned at how incredibly detailed they made this packaging look. Everything from the art on the cover to the colors and shadows themselves makes this palette a beauty, and I almost felt guilty actually having to use it because it feels like it belongs in a museum.

The eyeshadows themselves had me in awe from first swatch. They applied incredibly smooth and buttery, and one or two swipes was enough to get the full pigment of every single shade. I think the consistency among each shadow is great, because the mattes felt no different than the shimmers in the palette and all went on beautifully.

I did notice when using them however that each shade does tend to kick up quite a bit of powder in the pan, but surprisingly I didn't notice that they had any fallout whatsoever when actually applied to the eye, which is a huge plus when it comes to eyeshadows in these colors.

The red shades in particular blend out so beautifully which I was very pleased with since red is my favorite eye color to wear, and they also didn't stain my lid when using a makeup remover wipe at the end of the day to take everything off.


So the big question is, will I be purchasing more from Lime Crime now, based on my thoughts about this palette as well as my first ever product from them? And I have to be honest with you guys and say, maybe. I was incredibly pleased with this palette as a whole. Each shade is consistent in quality to the next, which is a major plus for an eyeshadow kit since there usually tends to be one or two semi disappointing ones in the bunch which wasn't the case here. There was virtually zero fallout for me though they were a bit powdery in the pan, and every color is one I'll happily get a ton of use from.

I think its a shame that the owner has given her company such a bad reputation because it truly is a unique, beautiful line, and I definitely don't think the products themselves deserve all the negative attention they've gotten from her actions. My advice? Sell the company to someone who can build it from the ground up again, and do things the right way this time.

If you guys want to purchase from Lime Crime as well but aren't okay with buying directly from their website just yet, I will link a few trusted carriers below that you can purchase from instead!

Shown Above:
Lime Crime Venus Palette | Urban Outfitters

Lime Crime | Official Website
Lime Crime | Dollskill


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