May 14, 2015

New Site Updates! Rating System, Discount Codes, & More

Hey everyone! So I figured since there's a few more of you reading my blog now, I would make it a bit more interactive and informative for any readers out there apart from just reading my posts, so I've added quite a few updates to my site! You can find them in the Contact/Disclaimer or Shop My Blog tab above or the sidebar to the right, but I'll go through them now to explain each change a little more in depth.

Current Favorites Widget: I was reading The Beauty Lookbook's blog the other day and noticed that she had a little current obsessions widget displayed in her sidebar and I instantly fell in love! I don't always do favorites posts each month because my favorite products don't seem to change very often, so I thought adding this feature to my page was a fun way to keep you guys up to date on what I'm currently loving without having to read a post about it each month. I'll probably update the widget every few weeks but I'll still do a favorites post here and there and maybe add in more than just beauty related objects in the future.

Ratings System: I've been using a rating system on my blog for a little while now that includes a 1 through 5 star rating for products represented by an image of pink stars, but since I know that these types of ratings can be a bit difficult to go off of or understand, I've listed what each star represents under the Contact\Disclaimer tab as well as a few examples of products that might fit under each rating. Hopefully this helps you guys out with understanding how I rate most of my products, and why many don't receive low ratings (as of now) :)

Follower Stats: I added this list a few weeks ago, but under my Contact/Disclaimer tab as well I wrote down my current social media stats as far as followers and view counts go. This is more of a guide for brands looking to work with me what my general audience is, but readers may find it interesting as well so I thought I'd mention it :)

Discount Codes: These can be found under the Shop My Blog tab! I recently contacted a site seeing if they were interested in working with me (more on that soon), and they agreed! They also sent me a coupon code to share with my readers for their website which gave me the idea that I should add a discount code section to my blog in case future companies do the same. It seems like an easier way to keep everything in one place and for readers to go straight to if they're shopping online, so hopefully its as convenient for you guys as I'm hoping it will be.

Post Schedule: This is the last change coming to my blog this next week, which is an actual post schedule. I have a current strict schedule I follow when uploading my posts which is current every three days, but I find its not always quite as often as I'd like since I have a ton of backlog posts as well as being a bit confusing to always remember when I have to upload, so starting next week my goal is to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on my blog. I think this will be much easier not only for me to remember and keep track of, but hopefully it will also be easier for everyone to follow as well and always know when to expect new posts from my page.

I'm hoping to keep updating my blog much more in the next coming months including a new layout and an actual blog name in the near future but for now, hopefully you guys enjoy some of the recent changes and get a little use out of them :D 

As I mentioned above, my new post schedule takes effect next week so get ready for new posts every week, three days a week woohoo!

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