June 12, 2015

Avon | True Color Single in Soft Vanilla

Avon Single Eyeshadows | $4 each

Avon can sometimes be an annoying brand to get a hold of, so its pretty rare for me to find a review on any of their products whilst reading up on my favorite blogs. Many products are also pretty hit and miss from what I've tried, but because my mom used to sell it I always had the chance to pick up some things when they were on great deals or if someone decided against a product after she had already ordered it.

Soft Vanilla was one of those products, which is just a very basic, creamy matte vanilla shade. My mom handed it off to me since it had been in her 'extras' stash for a while, and I was pretty excited since I don't have many single vanilla shadows that aren't included in a palette.

Soft Vanilla might seem like too boring of a color to post about, but I've found it to be the absolute perfect brow bone highlight for us pale ladies out there. I've tried many other vanilla shades as light as this that tend to be really dry in texture, super powdery, or slightly too dark, but the color and formula of this shadow is perfect for my skin tone and is a great alternative to using white on the brow bone.

The texture is very soft to the touch, and it glides right onto the lid without trouble. Besides being great as a highlight color, this is also a perfect color to sweep all over the eye after applying a primer to set it with powder, or over the lid if you're going for a more natural look.

This color reminds me a lot of the vanilla color from the UD Pulp Fiction palette in fact, which is one of my all time favorite nude shadows and is pretty well known for being an incredible matte palette.

The packaging of these true color eyeshadows is so-so, and a little large for a single eyeshadow, but it doesn't feel too cheap and closes just fine so there's really no big complaints with it. I also like that it includes a sponge applicator for those who prefer to use one, though it does waste a bit of space.


I think this eyeshadow is great quality for $4, and its a great formula for being a classic nude color that should be a staple in everyone's makeup collection. These also regularly go on sale from Avon, so you hardly ever have to pay full price for any of their makeup.

The bad news? I couldn't find this color listed on the website, so ask your local Avon representative if you can order it through them or check back on the website in a few days/ Hopefully its not discontinued though (since brands love to discontinue what we love)! :(

Are you a fan of Avon, and if so, what are some of your favorite products they carry? 

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