July 30, 2015

Benefit | Hoola Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Bronzer | $28 at HSN

The other week my dad got a coupon code in the mail from HSN for $10 off an order of $20 or more and said he wouldn't use it, so I immediately grabbed it from the kitchen table and ran downstairs to start browsing the beauty section of their site. HSN carries some pretty awesome high end beauty brands, ranging from Benefit and Too Faced to Smashbox and YSL, so I knew it would be a piece of cake finding a product I wanted. The real challenge was just narrowing it down to one thing hahah!

I ended up going with the Hoola bronzer from Benefit, because my bronzer selection at the moment is super tiny and its a product I've been wanting to try for forever. Here are my two cents about Hoola, since I'm sure most of you have heard about or own it already!

I can confidently say that the color of Hoola is totally different from products I already own, which is a huge relief since I thought it would match everything else a bit too closely. I think thats a major reason why this bronzer is so famous in the beauty community: its the perfect neutral brown shade thats not too warm or too cool. It also has a matte finish, which adds even more to its natural look.

Going with the naturalness of this bronzer, it is quite subtle on the face once blended out, but it works great for days you don't want that over board sun-kissed look. It mostly brings structure and color to the skin, rather than glow.

The packaging of this bronzer is super cute and I'm in love with these little boxed products from Benefit because they really stand out in a collection. It feels very nature inspired with the bamboo and almost tropical with the color scheme, and its all around just a pretty product to display :) There's also a little mirror in the lid which doesn't seem to come in handy all that often for its size, but is still a nice addition for travel.

It also comes with an adorable little aqua and cream rectangle brush that's actually pretty nice for being included with the product. It's the perfect size for really chiseling out the cheekbones and contouring around the forehead, and I like that it actually fits inside the box which is also another travel bonus.

I do find Hoola to kick up a bit of powder when using a brush to apply it, but its not dry or chalky by any means. The color payoff isn't too intense or dull either, which is usually what you want to find in a face product. Because it isn't crazy pigmented, I find it very hard to over do this product, making it a great choice for people like me that can tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to face products.


Hoola is really the perfect every day bronzer and contour for light skintones, that helps bring color and structure to the face without being shimmery or in your face bronzey. The color is neutral and moderately pigmented, which keeps it looking natural on the skin and extremely difficult to over do. It truly is a staple product for anyone's collection, and I can now see why it has so much hype surrounding it.

Are you a fan of Hoola, or have you still not given it a try?

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