August 3, 2015

Kawaii Box | June 2015

Kawaii Box | $18.90 a month

I seem to be posting subscription boxes and huge haul posts galore lately, so why not add another one to the bunch and show you what I got in my June Kawaii Box! I've mentioned before that Kawaii Box technically ships their boxes a month late, so I swear its not as horribly late as it sounds :P

This month has the usual array of super cute plushies, squishies, candy and stationary sets, so lets get to it.

This months plush is this adorable little character with long stringy legs and a strawberry squishy with icing and sprinkles on the tip. I actually started hanging these little guys from my headboard now since I ended up losing one that I put on my purse, so its been cute having them dangle above my head while I lay down haha.

I also got a cute little pill container that I'm going to start storing used false eyelashes in (an idea I stole from Shrinkle on Instagram).

Among some of the stationary stuff, we got a pink poop shaped sharpener (how is poop is so darn cute?), a mechanical Hello Kitty pencil with a charm dangling from the end of it, and dessert themed puffy stickers. I also got a sushi pluggy that fits into a cell phone headphone jack which I thought was too adorable, and an Alpaca keychain with extra key rings on it to add house or car keys.

The candy this month was DIY Bubble Jelly from Kracie which was a really fun project for my boyfriend and I to make and is always one of my favorite things in these boxes since well, I'm a food addict. It was kind of like a carbonated grape pudding/jello hybrid and definitely much different than anything we have here in the states.

Last but not least we got a Cute Guys pencil set, and a nail set with fake nails and star sequins. The fake nails surprisingly fit the size of my nails quite well so I plan on applying those closer to the Fall time, and the sequins are a nice addition to a manicure that may feel like its missing something, or on an accent nail to make it stand out a little more. On top of that, I received a mini notepad set of a pink and yellow bird

Though I absolutely love Kawaii Box and everything I get in my boxes, I recently had to cancel it because I currently have pens, notepads, and plushies galore that I really need to start finding a use for! I also want to venture onto a few other boxes and give them a try, but I have a feeling I'll be back one day :)

It's always easy to stop and start up subscription services like this however, so that's the beauty of needing a break once in a while (though I would be down for getting the candy crate version alllll year round).

Are there any subscriptions you had to cancel, though you really enjoyed getting them each month?

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