July 28, 2015

My 21st Birthday Haul!

Hey guys! I thought I would throw a post together really quick of all the goodies I got for my birthday this year :) If you didn't already know, I turned 21 on Sunday so I've officially hit my last big landmark of adulthood and a few of my friends got me some cool stuff to help me celebrate.

I haven't had an actual birthday party since I was probably 7 or 8 to be honest, so these are all things I accumulated through out the week from my family, boyfriend, and work friends. I'm so so so thankful and happy for my life at the moment, so it was great having another reason to celebrate this month among all the other great things that have been going on. Honestly, do we even need to have a reason to be happy in life though?!

From my boyfriend, I got a Green Yoshi Yarn amiibo that I was so ecstatic to see! It isn't out here in the states yet so he had to get a little creative, but I've been wanting one since they were first announced and I can vouch that they're even cuter in person.

Teri (or Sassy as I like to say) at work got my this super awesome goodie box of basically everything I love in life, including makeup, candy, plushies, hair coloring, and keychains. Yeah, to say she knows me too well would be an understatement...

As for my family, we usually sporadically collect things through out the month as birthday gifts, but I got two things from my sister that haven't arrived in the mail yet (I'll update this post when they do), and my dad payed for us to go to Melt for the first time, as well as to see Pixels in theaters! I was hugely impressed by Pixels, but you can read the review I wrote on my game blog here if you wanna know more.

I normally spend a little money on myself too every year, so I bought myself my first 3 Funko Pop figures including Dovahkiin from Skyrim, and two Fallout figures, Brotherhood of Steel and Deathclaw. I've wanted a Funko figure for literally EVER but had no idea where to find the good ones so I was excited to see that Gamestop actually carries them, since I have quite a few stores in my area. If you're having trouble finding the better themes, I would definitely check there or Hot Topic.

Thanks for reading as always, and I'm super sorry about the excessive hauls and unboxing type posts lately ;( I mentioned on my Facebook page, but July is always super hectic for me and I've been a little stressed lately so I'll try to get back on schedule soon!

When is your birthday, and how do you most enjoy celebrating it?

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