July 13, 2015

First Impression | Peter Thomas Roth Hall of Fame Kit

PTR Hall of Fame Kit | $38 at Sephora

I don't normally feature a lot of skincare on my site because I don't really like changing up my routine since once something works for me I tend to stick to it, but I recently ran out of eye cream and was in the mood to try something new.

Instead of splurging 30-50 dollars on one product I may not like though, I decided to go with a value kit to see if I came across any other products I'd like to add to my regime! After some debating, I ended up picking up this Peter Thomas Roth Hall of Fame kit, valued at $96 that retails for only $38.

This kit includes the Strawberry Scrub, Cucumber Gel Mask, Anti- Aging Cleanser, Daily SPF 30 Lotion, and the Instant Firm Eye Cream, with the scrub in a monstrous 8 fl. oz. size and the rest in pretty decent travel sizes.

Strawberry Scrub | 8.5 fl. oz.
I'm going to start with makinf a spoiler that this is my favorite product in the collection so far! The texture of it to me can only be described as being like a 'slushie', because its not liquidy but not super thick either and almost has this cushiony, plush feel when first applying it on the skin. Not only does it smell incredible, but the exfoliating texture in this scrub is gentle enough that I find I'm able to use it after my Clarisonic multiple times a week. It makes my skin baby smooth and I'm really loving this added into my regime lately.

Cucumber Gel Mask | .5 oz.
The Cucumber Gel Mask says it can either be used like a traditional mask, as an overnight treatment, or as an under eye depuffer, so at the moment I've only been using it under my eyes since I have a ton of masks to use up in my sample stockpile at the moment. I haven't seen huge differences with it so far, but it is hydrating under the eyes and is a great follow up to the ultra drying Instant Firm cream that I'll talk about in a few paragraphs.

Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel | 2 fl. oz.
This reminds me quite a bit of the oil-free Neutrogena one I used to use as a teenager in both look and scent, but I like that this cleanser has anti-aging properties since its never too early to start worrying about wrinkles. Again, I haven't seen any difference in the aging claims so far, but it does make my skin feel very clean. At the moment however, I'm too in love with my Clear by Philosophy to fully commit to this just yet.

Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 30 | .5 fl. oz.
I've used a few SPF face lotions over this summer already, and this isn't much different from what I've tried. It's quite a heavy texture, so I prefer this most on days I'm going makeup free and have to walk to Anthony's (ze boyfriend) and know the sun will be beating on my face, or occasionally under my makeup if I'm not going super heavy coverage that day. I haven't found it to break me out like I suspect the Josie Maran one has though, which is a big plus.

Instant Firm Eye Cream | .25 fl. oz.
Lastly we have the eye cream which is the biggest reason I bought this set, and its just been okay so far. This is actually more like an eye mask rather than an eye cream, because you have to leave it on for 3-7 minutes before using your wet finger or towel to work the rest of the product in and wipe it away. During that time frame, the product creates a really dry film like feeling under the eyes so I imagine if you already have dry skin around that area you'll probably despise this product. I have horrible wrinkles under my eyes from years of heavy scrubbing as a teenager though, so I'm holding out hope that this will make some visible improvements overtime. So far, they do seem smoother looking after application, but nothing major yet.

I definitely think this kit is a great value, and its worth picking up for all the variety it offers if you're looking for something new to try :)

I know a first impression on skincare might seem pointless, but in a few weeks or so I will probably be doing a full skincare routine since my skin has been great lately so stay tuned for that to see if any of these products end up making the cut into my every day routine :D

What's your favorite skincare brand at the moment?

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