July 15, 2015

NYC | Black Liquid Eyeliner

NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black | $2.79 at Target

I know I can't be the only one out there who bases 90% of my beauty purchases on things other bloggers and Youtubers recommend, right? That's why after hearing Chrisspy on Youtube rave about this black liquid eyeliner from NYC many times, I knew I had to try it out for myself to see what all the hubba was about.

I haven't tried many products from New York Color before, but the Target I work at recently started carrying a bit of their range so I thought it would be a good time to finally give some of their stuff a try. I really want to try out some of their blushes and bronzers, but for now I decided to start small and grab this liner.

To start, this eyeliner features a tiny brush applicator, which I've experienced both good and bad things with before but this ones not too bad. I find that the tips bristles are a bit long however, so it can be a bit messy and hard to control at first but after a few uses it becomes easier to handle. I usually prefer felt tips because I find them less liquidy and hard to mess up, but this is still workable.

The finish of this eyeliner is matte, which is actually quite hard for me to come across these days in a liquid liner so I really enjoy that its different from other products I own. Most liners I have either have a semi-matte or glossy finish which both are good for certain looks, but sometimes you want that super matte, powdery black liner to really make a statement and I think this works well for that.

The formula for me does have both its pros and cons. Some pros I found were that this liner doesn't transfer onto my upper lid or bleed all over my inner corner like other liquids can do, which is a huge plus for me.. I also like that this lasts all day, and doesn't get flaky or patchy if you go over it multiple times. It doesn't claim to be waterproof though, so if you have watery eyes you may find this to get messy through out the day.

Now for some cons about the formula, I find it to have a bit too sheer of a color pay off on the first layer if I'm wearing a more dramatic look that day, so I usually have to go over my liner twice with this product in order to get an opaque line. I also dislike that it does take a good 20-30 seconds to dry, so you really have to be careful during that buffer period to not look up or move around your eye too much.

I noticed by hour 7 or 8 of wear the product started breaking up in my inner corner, while the rest still looked fine until I took it off.


I think overall this is a really good eyeliner, and I'm most impressed with its formula and finish. The brush tip takes a few tries to get used to, but once you do its easy to get thin, smooth lines without it looking jagged or messy. The formula isn't too liquidy or dry either, so it makes application a breeze and doesn't bleed in the inner corner or transfer to the brow bone through out the day. It's not a perfect eyeliner by any means, but for the price its one of the best liquids I've found with a brush tip applicator. 

What are some of your favorite liquid eyeliners?

Shown Above:
New York Color | Liquid Eyeliner in Black


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