August 29, 2015

Colourpop Haul | Effect, Doe-A-Deer, & Lace

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows | $5 each

My obsession with Colourpop has begun taking an obsessive turn, I know I know. But anytime I want to add a new eyeshadow to my collection, I find their website the first thing I turn to, because 9 times out of 10 they have the exact color I'm looking for.

This time I was on the hunt for a deep, matte teal eyeshadow, that I searched many lines for to no avail. Of course that's when Colourpop came to my rescue, with the color Effect being exactly what I was looking for. And then I saw that they had just done a restock on the ultra matte liquid lipsticks... and had more eyeshadows I wanted.... so uh, it kinda turned into a haul :s

Since I'll have a separate post for the liquid lipsticks, here's the first half of my latest Colourpop haul with the 3 eyeshadows I bought, in the colors Effect, Doe-A-Deer and Lace.

I'm doing a haul instead of a review on these because I find the formula of all the Super Shock eyeshadows incredibly consistent. so my thoughts on all the ones I've shared before are pretty much always the same.

Cushiony, plush texture, amazing pigmentation, and a cream to powder finish that you can leave alone or use as a base underneath another powder shadow. These little guys have been taking over my makeup drawers lately, and I can't seem to get enough of them!

While the odd formula may not be for everyone, I definitely recommend at least picking up one color sometime. Its such a neat, unique little product and they're worth trying out for the $5! (Pssst, their lip products are awesome too.)

Do you have a favorite product from Colourpop?

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