August 25, 2015

H&M Wishlist | Fall Finds

H&M Wishlist | Fall finds, pink pops of color, & more

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately and haven't really been in the mood to test out new products or get pictures, so I thought I would make more of a laid back post today and share some of my current wishlist pieces from H&M :) 

I've always loved H&M but never have time to shop there when I'm nearby, so I'm super stoked to find that they finally sell online. Welcome to 2015, H&M! 

I haven't made a post about clothing in a looong time because honestly, I'm not a big fan of summer or any kind of warm weather apparel but now that Fall's right around the corner I'm all about that fashionable life again. Layering pieces, chunky sweaters, and hoodies galore *sigh* I can't wait.

1 Peplum Top | 
Usually I steer away from peplum tops because I think they look awkward on my figure, but this one is so dainty and cute, making it perfect for a nice casual dinner or date night out.

2 Patterned Poncho |
I absolutely love how comfortable ponchos are, and this print is pretty much the definition of Fall. So versatile, while still looking nice and put together.

3 Flannel Shirt Dress |
Even though this is described as a dress, I'd probably prefer to wear it more as a shirt with leggings underneath. Looks really comfy, and another great option for fall!

4 Twill Pants |
I'm guilty of pairing everything I own with a pair of black leggings because it always seems like the easiest option, so these are a fun way to steer away from my usual boring pant choice! The color is spot on Fall goodness, and they seem like a pant I could start building some real outfits with.

5 Sleeveless Jumpsuit | 
I've never owned a jumpsuit before, so this one being so basic seems like a great place to start. Its another great versatile piece, and you can really style it in a million different ways (plus, all black everything always wins).

6 Camo Short Shirt |
I love button up shirts because you can rock them alone or with another t-shirt underneath, and camo is always a safe print for me to pick up. Earth tones are always my favorite to wear in general, and camo can easily be the star of the show or be paired with a bold colored pant for a more interesting twist.

7 Long-sleeved Striped Top | 
Super basic pieces + stripes are my cup of tea, and this fits the bill! Its a little more dressy than a solid colored top, while still being comfortable and casual. The picture doesn't do this justice, but the site claims that its fitted which is always my favorite when it comes to more everyday clothing like this.

8 Crepe Jacket | 
Agh this color is LIFE! Anyways, I don't currently own any blazers, though I've always wanted one, and this coral color is way too eye catching and pretty to pass up. The color makes this dressier item a little more fun, and spices up any look.

I'm in dire need of a closet revamp because so much of my wardrobe is from my high school and middle school days (yes, really that far back... thanks to being the same size since 7th grade) so I like that most of these pieces are pretty basic while still having some formality to them! 

I think I'm finally growing out of that phase of dressing like I'm still 16 haha, I'm ready to promote up to the young adult life! Hopefully I can pick up a few of these once pay day rolls around since I've managed to lay off the makeup splurging lately.

Let me know some places you guys like to shop for clothing, and what pieces you can't life without for Autumn!

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