August 20, 2015

Japan Candy Box | Taste Test & Giveaway!

Japan Candy Box | PR Sample*

If you guys read some of my Kawaii Box reviews, you might know that the candy they included in every box was one of my favorite parts of the subscription! I love anything wacky and out of the ordinary to eat, and Japans range of candy options definitely fit the bill. That's why when they agreed to let me try out their Japan Candy Box for this month, I was too ecstatic for it to come in the mail.

For the July 2015 box, I received 10 items in my box that I'll share my thoughts on below. (Psssst, theres also my first GIVEAWAY (!!!) at the bottom so keep scrolling :D)

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription service that sends out 8-10 Asian related sweets for $19.90 a month, which roughly works out to $2 per product which I think is totally fair. The candy is always out of the box and fun, with it ranging from things such as gum or cookies to full on DIY kits that you can really get creative with! Not to mention, its all sweets and candy, so... can it really ever taste bad?

Gilco Collon Biscuit Rolls | Green Tea Filled Biscuit Cookies
I've tried these cookies before in a previous Kawaii Box and I LOOOVE THEM! These were probably one of my favorite things in this months box because I'm so obsessed with light, tasty snacks like this. It has a smooth, green tea filling with a thin cookie shell that satisfies your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty for snacking. A+ all day every day.

Meiji Petit Bubble Gum | Mini soda bubble gum
This was also in a previous Kawaii Box that I had the chance of trying before, and are tiny bubble gum pieces that have a refreshing, fizzy like taste to them. The flavor doesn't last that long, but its a fun little product to pop in your mouth through out the day whenever you need that gum fix.

Meiji Watapachi Popping Candy Floss | Melon flavored candy floss embedded with pop rocks
When I opened up this package I almost died because this is cotton candy infused with pop rocks.... uhhhh yes you heard that right! Two of my favorite candies ever, and super delicious when mashed together none the less. This was quite sour though, so be prepared if you try it for yourself.

Horadekita Popsicle DIY Candy Kit | Candy cubes with syrup and powder topping
I love doing candy DIY kits like this, and this one was no exception! It has a cooling effect like sweet, minty gum while tasting more like a fizzy soda candy like the one mentioned earlier (or a Baja Blast from Taco Bell... can't decide). Very odd to describe, and much different than anything I've tried here in the states.

Maruta Soda Fruit Candy | Solid ball of powder candy 
Unfortunately I couldn't find this on the Blippo website so I'm not sure of the exact description, but this was another favorite of mine from the box. I'm not sure why its described as fruit candy, but its these little solid balls of powder that instantly begin dissolving in your mouth and taste a lot like a Pixie Stick or Sweet Tarts to me! So yummy, and such a cool texture.

Chameleon Candy | Brown colored hard candy that changes color in your mouth
There were only 2 candies in this box this month I wasn't a huge fan of, and this was one of them only because I'm not a huge fan of hard candy. This was a grape flavored hard candy with a hard strawberry center, but my boyfriend and I didn't notice the color change while eating them unfortunately since it sounds really cool! Not bad tasting by any means, just not my preference.

Bourbon Petit Chocolate Chip Cookies | Bourbon flavored mini cookies with chocolate chips
These were delicious little cookies that taste just like the M&M ones from Keebler, though I have to say I definitely didn't pick up any bourbon taste to them. The cocoa flavor in the chocolate chips was quite strong however, which I really enjoyed since normally chocolate chips in cookies like this are almost tasteless and artificial.

Strawberry Pocky Biscuit Sticks | Biscuit sticks covered in strawberry coating
This was my first time ever trying Pocky ('cause girl its expensive here) and I quite liked it! I didn't think they were life changing like all the hype makes them seem, but they were very yummy and reminded me of the Hello Panda strawberry filled cookies that I prefer just a tad bit more, since they seem a little more convenient as an every day snack.

Sakuma Line Drops | Pineapple flavored hard candy
I absolutely love the app Line Play, so when I saw these in this months box I screamed a little inside! Unfortunately since this was another hard candy this was the second product I wasn't crazy about, but the taste was exactly the same as a pineapple flavored Life Savers if you're a fan of those :)

Pokemon Pineapple Chewy Candy | Pineapple flavored chewy candy strips 
Though these are packaged like bubble gum here in the states, they are in fact able to be swallowed which I was very deceived by at first haha! It wasn't a very strong pineapple taste, but was good nonetheless and I thought the packaging was too adorable! Each piece has a pokemon paper wrap and was really fun to see which ones I got in my package.

Alright guys, time for the fun part! Japan Candy Box was crazy kind enough to let me give away one box to my readers as well, so this will be my first official giveaway! EEEEK! This giveaway is being held in collaboration with Japan Candy Box, and all you have to do is use the little Rafflecopter widget below to enter :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
You can enter up to 15 different ways as listed in the widget, and once the giveaway ends I will be contacting the winner via email! Good luck to everyone! ^_^

This subscription was so much fun to try out, and I'm so thankful that Japan Candy Box gave me the opportunity to share it with you all!

What are some of your favorite candies?

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