August 18, 2015

Traveling Essentials | Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection | $17.99

Surely, I didn't NEED anymore makeup brushes, but remember from my Wet N Wild Poster Child review when I said I found a box of clearance makeup while working at Target? Well, this brush set was there too, for $9.23! TARGET NEEDS TO STOP THIS MADNESS.

I had only owned 2 of the blush brushes from Real Techniques before buying this set, and they quickly became two of my most used makeup brushes because they're super soft, never ever shed on me, and look so cute in my brush cup. That's why when I saw this for such a great deal I had to get it.

The Real Techniques Core Collection comes with 4 brushes and a panoramic case for organization or traveling, which feels durable enough to hold up in many trips through the suitcase or purse to wherever you may be going. With that said, I think you could depend on these 4 brushes if you had to for your entire makeup routine while traveling.

The brushes include a small detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, a buffing brush, and a contour brush. I was originally only thinking I would get use out of the contour and buffing brush, but I have found a few uses for the two flat brushes that I'll discuss shortly.

I've found that the little detailer brush is good for cleaning up edges and lip lines, including under my brows and around my lips after applying a lipstick. I also use it for detail work around the eye such as applying eyeshadow along the waterline or in the outer corner since its so tiny. While its useful, part of me wishes they made this a flat shader or fluffy brush instead to be a bit more practical.

I don't normally like using a flat foundation brush like this because I think they've become a little outdated these days, but I have been using it to spread around concealer and eye primer lately which I have been enjoying. It keeps my fingers from getting gunk on them which is always a plus since I hate getting makeup on everything, though its not a must have brush by any means.

The buffer brush has quickly become a favorite of mine that I've been using for foundation and powder application recently. Though I don't prefer it over my Beauty Blender still, I do find that this brush is great for days that I'm in more of a rush and don't have all the time in the world to mess with my sponge. I have found that this brush can leave streaks if I use too much liquid foundation at once though, so I recommend using a bit at a time and blending in circular motions around the face. After that, I'll wipe it off and go right into powder to set the skin which cuts my face routine time in half.

The contour brush is in one of my all time favorite brush styles which is this medium sized fluffy brush shape, because it's such a do-it-all machine. I mainly use it to set my under eye concealer and hard to reach areas of my face with setting powder, but you can also use it to apply contour, bronzer, highlighter, and blush which it also achieves and blends out beautifully.

The panoramic case this set comes with is pretty unique, since it can be used as both a closed brush case as well as a little display stand. Most cases get thrown in a drawer in my house and forgot about, but I think this one really is a great travel accessory and is so small and compact that it would take up very little space in what I'm sure would be an already cramped bag.

The case features two extra bungee slots on the left hand side, which I've stuck my blush brushes in for reference. It also easily fits all your essential brushes into one tiny space, so I think its a genius way to make travelling a bit easier! (You could even switch out the flat foundation or little detailer brush for a more eyeshadow friendly option as well.)

My one and only complaint with this set is that most of the lettering on each brush was already almost or completely rubbed off when I bought it :( Not a huge deal since it was on clearance, but it was a bit disappointing to see.

Overall, this kit has become a great option for me to bring around to friends houses when they want me to do their makeup for them, and I think its a great set for when you'll be travelling or going for a night out but don't want to take your entire vanity drawer with you. It is missing a few key brushes such as a good blending or brow brush, but it beats out any other collection I've tried as far as convenience goes.

Real Techniques is probably the best affordable brand you can find when it comes to makeup brushes because the quality is beyond what you would expect for the price, so I'm really looking forward to them expanding the line even further in the future.

What are some of your must have brushes from Real Techniques?

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Real Techniques | Core Collection


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