August 16, 2015

Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette | Poster Child

Wet N Wild Color Icon Poster Child | $4.99

Despite creating such a buzz in the makeup community for being so affordable yet high quality, this is my first Wet N Wild Color Icon palette EVER. So, I thought why not start off strong and go with one that has bold colors to see if the pigmentation really is as good as its jazzed up to be. In this case, I decided to go with Poster Child as my test subject.

Working at Target has its perks after all, because while putting away some clearance items I randomly found a box of clearance makeup (of course I would), and this baby was in there with a sticker slapped on it for $3.48. YES PLEASE. 

Poster Child includes 8 vibrant shades, including a mix of pinks and a black as well as blues and greens. They all have a shimmery finish apart from the light pink brow bone shade which is matte, with some colors being more or less shimmery than others.

The packaging of this palette as far as the drugstore goes is very standard for the price. The front had a few smears and scratches on it when I bought it and the brush included is nothing special, though I thought it was interesting that one side has a blending brush since its not something I've seen in the drugstore before.

The pigmentation of the shadows is pretty subpar, with the pinks in the palette having to be really, really packed on to get any color on the eye. The other side is slightly better, but overall most of the colors have quite a sheer color payoff which is a bit of a bummer. My favorites in the palette are the turquoise Eyelid color as well as the darkest blue Definer shade in terms of pigmentation, but I did find the Eyelid color to begin fading on my lid after 4 or 5 hours despite wearing a primer which isn't something I often experience.

While these eyeshadows are very soft to the touch, they're also incredibly powdery. Literally just one or two small swipes and you kick up a dust storm of loose powder everywhere. Its a bit annoying and feels quite wasteful, so be sure to tap off your brush first before placing the colors onto your lid.


I'd say if you're looking for a bright colored drugstore palette that delivers in both pigmentation and quality, go ahead and skip out on this one, because the shades are a little too sheer and powdery for my taste. Some of the colors aren't bad, but about half of the palette seems to disappear or fade on the eye after just a few hours or really have to be built up to get any color payoff. 

Though this palette wasn't a winner for me, I bought another colorful Wet N Wild palette that you'll see my thoughts on soon! Lets just say, all hope isn't lost for bold colors from Wet N Wild *wink wink*.

Do you have any favorite Wet N Wild palettes?

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