August 10, 2015

Midnight City | Eye & Lip Tutorial

Midnight City | Featuring Colourpop, OCC, & More

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the makeup I wore on my birthday which was a warm brown and navy eyeshadow look with a pop of shimmer, featuring Bae from Colourpop and Holy Ghost from Sugarpill! I also added in a bonus tutorial of my lip color combination since I think its a pretty close dupe for the infamous Lime Crime Velvetine, Cashmere (okay not so much here, but sometimes it looks like it).

Let's get started!

1. As always, start by priming your eyelids to make the eyeshadows show their truest pigmentation and have the best longevity possible. I'm using Urban Decays Original Primer Potion from lid to brow, as well as under the eye and in the inner corner.

2. Apply a matte vanilla eyeshadow from the crease of your eye to your brow bone, giving a nice brow highlight and allowing us to blend shadows easier later. I'm using Soft Vanilla from Avon. 

3. Using Peach Smoothie from Makeup Geek as a transition shade, apply this using a fluffy brush in the crease, going up slightly higher than you would with a traditional crease color, and blend it out.

4. Now go in with Cork from MAC as your actual crease shade, and apply this with a denser crease brush in a slightly smaller area than you did Peach Smoothie. Again, blend blend blend!

5. Because I just bought this and really wanted to use it, I'm using a bit of a random color with Maybellines Color Tattoo in Deep Forest as a base underneath the eye. I like that this adds a bit of depth but still goes with the look quite well, but feel free to use a blue or purple base instead if you want a more cohesive look.

6. Set the Deep Forest Color Tattoo (from the Leather collection) with Cork again using a pencil brush. Then, blend everything for a more blown out effect.

7. Using a small flat concealer brush, apply Bae from Colourpop onto the lid of the eye, swiping the color onto the lid, than using a light hand and a fluffy brush to pick up a tiny bit of product and slowly work the color into the lower crease area to mesh the two colors together. Keep working with this technique and applying more Cork eyeshadow until you get the look you want.

8. This is an optional step, but to bring out the blue glitter in Bae, I'm going overtop of it with Holy Ghost from Sugarpill, using a flat eyeshadow brush to pack a bit of extra color onto the lid.

9. I'm taking a black waterproof eyeliner, in this case the Bellapierre eyeliner pencil I received in an Ipsy bag, and lining my water line as well as my upper lash line to add a bit of drama to the look, and make our eyelashes appear even more black and thick.

10. Apply the NYC matte liquid eyeliner in your preferred liner application (I'm doing my usual cat-eye), Miss Manga mascara to the lashes, annnnd you are finally finished wooo!


As for the lips, its a pretty simple mix of 2 OCC lip tars, Femme and Sebastian. I normally play around with the amount until I get a color I like, but for this color I used about 2 dots of Sebastian with 1 and a half dot of Femme. Again, this is something you just need to mess with.

I always start by lining my lips with the Ozone lip primer pencil from Urban Decay first because it prolongs the lip tars wear time, allowing the color to stick a wee bit better to the lips.

As for application, I'll apply the product to the center of my bottom lip first, rub my top and bottom lip together, then spread the remaining product along the edge of my lip line to avoid feathering or too much product build up. This is the most effective technique I've found yet when applying lip tars, and it seems to be working well so far!

I've really been loving this look lately (especially this lip combo) so hopefully you guys are digging it too! If you ever recreate my looks and want to show me, just tag my username on Instagram @lizzyxfresh :)

Are you a blue eyeshadow gal, or do you prefer to stick to your warms and neutrals?

Also, let me know if you guys like the product pictures included step by step in the tutorial, or if you rather just have a shorter, eye only collage? I can't tell if its helpful or a waste of space for everyone haha, input is always appreciated on anything I do!

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