August 7, 2015

NYX Blushes | Overview, Swatches, & Collection

NYX Single Blushes | $5 each

As promised in my previous post, here is my updated NYX blush collection! This is one of my favorite blush ranges at the moment, and at $5 each you really can't go wrong with giving one a try. I've included a full overview on my thoughts on these as well as swatches of each shade, so here we go :) 

I currently own 8 colors from the NYX Single Blush line, with 4 'traditional', more natural colors and 4 that are a little out of the box. NYX offers a color for pretty much any occasion in this line, whether you need a bright orange blush for a cookout in the middle of July, or a dusty rose for every day wear. 

Here's a swatch of all the colors I own (which are all matte, NYX does offer other finishes however), and my thoughts on each one specifically.

Mauve | This is probably the most wearable shades that I own, and its really the perfect blush to pair with any makeup look. The color doesn't lean too peach or pink, so its great for everyday if you can't decide on anything else. 

Espresso | Don't be deceived by how this shade looks in the pan, because its probably my favorite shade that I own! Its also one of the first colors I bought and looks like a deep peach when applied to the cheeks. I find it to work super well with my yellow undertones, and its my personal everyday color.

Mocha | This shade is a pretty deep peachy pink, and I love how it gives a nice vibrant flush of color to the face without being bright or over the top. It's bold without being out of the box, and another good option for everyday.

Taupe | Though some gurus rave about this blush, its actually my least favorite in the collection. The texture is quite dry and rough, making the pigmentation almost next to nothing. Though I mainly use it for contouring so its not a huge deal, I do have to really (reaaaally) swirl my brush around in the pan to pick up any color. 

These are easily the go-to formula in my collection, because they're all reliable and last on the cheeks. The texture of each ranges through out the line, but most of them are pretty soft that pack quite the color punch, so you don't have to spend a ton of time building the color up. 

Because they can be quite pigmented though, you have to be careful with your application or you may find yourself having to do quite a bit of blending to sheer it out.

Natural | Being a light, baby pink color that leans a little on the cooler side, I tend to pair it with cooler toned eyeshadow looks. I usually don't like pink blushes on my cheeks, but as you can tell by the pan, this is one I definitely get along with.

Cinnamon | This is a vibrant, bright orange blush that is almost as true of an orange as it comes. I don't use it all that often because I don't particularly like it on my complexion, but it is one of the better oranges that I've found for my cheeks. 

Peach | Same as with Natural, except the fact that they picked a horrible name for this blush since its most definitely not peach in the slightest haha. This blush is a bit darker and warmer than Natural though, so I'll use Peach instead if I want something a little more bold 

Red | Another vibrant color thats kind of BOOM in your face pigmented, Red is a deep matte red. This color would probably be beautiful on deeper complexions, but I find that I can still make it work on my fair skin if I use a light hand, or as a mixer with other colors.

Overall, I love these blushes so much for their shade variety and look on the skin, plus they're super inexpensive which means I can easily afford to own a ton of them which I find much more fun than having to splurge on a higher end brand that perhaps will only allow my budget to afford one color at a time. I find that all of these colors work pretty well with my fair skin, with shades even as dark as Espresso and Red able to be toned down when you apply them minimally. 

These are the most used blushes in my collection and some of my favorite out of the ranges I've tested so far, so I definitely recommend them to those of you like me who like quality AND quantity when it comes to their makeup collection :D 

What's the best blush range you've ever tried?

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  1. Love the collection! Out of all these, I only have Mauve. Hm, Natural looks lovely. Might get that soon :)

  2. These look amazing! Wish we could get them in the uk:(, follow back? xx