September 11, 2015

Colourpop | Ultra Matte Nudes

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks | $6 each

Before very recently, I hadn't really given into the whole liquid lipstick trend. Though I've always wanted to try them out, I couldn't decide on a brand to try first, and not many offered nude shades that I thought I could pull off. Until of course, I suddenly went on a liquid lipstick buying spree last month, adding 4 colors to start up my collection... NOW I'M OBSESSED.

Today I'll be talking about 3 colors I picked up from Colourpops new range. Despite just releasing a few months ago, this range is already massive and super affordable at $6 each, making them some of the cheapest liquid lipsticks on the market at the moment.

The biggest complaint I've heard about these liquid lipsticks is how runny the formula is, making them drip all over people and their purses, but I personally haven't had any problems with leaking yet! I think as long as you're careful they shouldn't get messy on you, though the formula is more watery than other liquid lipsticks on the market.

Here's the shades I bought:

Vice | An ultra nude, light pinky peach color, that works great for super fair skintones. The formula is a bit weird though, and tends to look almost chunky and clumped up on the lips if you apply too much. It also tends to accentuate any dryness, peeling, and lip lines I have in the center of my lips. I found it to last all day after 8 hour of wear which was a great plus, but you have to really avoid doing more than one coat (or too thick of a single coat) with this shade in order for it to look its best.

Midi | This is a beautiful true nude color, that doesn't pull too dark or too dead looking on the lips. I would say this would be the perfect everyday shade for most people, and it leans a tad on the dusty pink side so its a real  'my lips but better' color. This shade was comfortable on the lips all 7 hours I wore it, and lasted through drinking and eating at work. This easily looked the best out of the 3 colors I bought, despite this swatch looking a bit crummy.

Trap | This is an interesting, trendy griege-ish color, that's not quite a dupe for Lime Crimes Cashmere but is in the same color family. This color pulls a bit darker on my lips than I had expected, but will work perfect for the incoming Fall season. It felt comfortable for about 5 hours until I felt the need to add a bit of gloss for hydration over top, and I noticed the application to be a bit patchy with one coat.

Convenience overall is what I look for in a lipstick, and I think liquid lipsticks definitely fit the bill. I don't have to check up on them every hour, or worry if they're still on my lips by the end of the day.

They're also long lasting, in every shade you could imagine, and are pretty much everything 'proof' so you can drink tea, give some smooches, and eat pizza all in the same night. These things will literally not budge until you take them off, and its been a breath of fresh air not having to reapply my lipstick 4 or 5 times through out the day.

The biggest fault I've found with the Colourpop line specifically is a bit of inconsistency in formula through out the line, but overall I do really like these for the price and how well they wear through out the day. If you haven't tried any liquid lipsticks yet, Colourpop is a great affordable way to start.

Also, congratulations to Ava for winning my Japan Candy Box giveaway! It was a ton of fun to have, so look forward to many more giveaways in the future ^_^

Do you have any favorite liquid lipstick lines at the moment?

Shown Above:

Colourpop | Midi
Colourpop | Vice
Colourpop | Trap


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