September 14, 2015

LA Colors | Don't Judge A (Liner) By Its Cover

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner in Black | $1.50

Sometimes, it's easy to get caught up in the price of makeup products, thinking that more expensive automatically means better. I'm here to tell you that isn't always the case though, because I think I may have just found my holy grail liquid eyeliner from LA Colors that's sold at the dollar store. YES, THE DOLLAR STORE HAS A HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!

I can't take all the credit for this find though, because my amazing friend Teri actually bought this for me (along with an entire goodie box of other gifts) for my birthday, and I was excited to try something new that I don't normal check out while I'm shopping. I was a little skeptical at first, but I'll let you know some reasons why I love this liner so much.

My absolute biggest love for this liner comes from the applicator. Its a semi-long, super thin brush tip that draws clean straight lines and actually makes it easy to do your eyeliner like a pro. I have the hardest time getting thin lines on days I actually want a bit more of a natural eye look, and this wand makes it so effortless to achieve. With that said, its just as easy to build the line up and go for a dramatic cat eye if you'd prefer that as well.

The formula itself is a tad more sheer on the first coat than I prefer, but it dries down to an ultra matte finish which is my personal preference, so I don't mind having to sometimes add a second layer if needed. It also doesn't flake off through out the day, or smudge in the inner corner of my eyes which is a huge biggie for me.

And while it stays put during the day, I find that when it comes time to remove this eyeliner at night, all I have to do is use my usual makeup wipes and cleanser and it comes right off, while some other products involve a whole lot of scrubbing and irritation. My eyelids win this time, you cursed waterproof products!


What else can I say about this magical product? It's incr-edibly affordable, has a sleek ultra matte finish, and makes applying your eyeliner an absolute breeze. It also stays put through out the entire day, but isn't impossible to remove at night when you actually want to take it off. For the price, I couldn't recommend this liner enough, and its become a huge staple in my makeup routine these past few months!

If you're having a hard time finding a liquid eyeliner you like, please please please give this one a try and share your thoughts with me :)

What are some of your favorite affordable eye products?

Shown Above:
LA Colors | Liquid Eyeliner in Black


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