October 31, 2015

Halloweekend! | Mini H&M Haul

H&M is a clothing retailer

Happy Halloween! If you guys haven't heard yet, H&M started selling online, woohoo! I haven't bought a ton from H&M before, but the pieces I do have are some of my favorites, including a Nirvana sweatshirt I got years ago. This time around, I stopped in the store while at the mall a few weeks back and picked up these two to add to my closest.

I've always been obsessed with aliens and outer space, so as soon as I saw this beanie I had to grab it. It's a light pastel pink with You Are Next written around the front, and it was way too me without picking it up for winter this year. It's one of those things that just adds that quirky fun element to an otherwise boring outfit (cough work clothes cough), and allows you to show up somewhere with a bit of a statement piece on your head.

I also tried on this Unicorn Sweatshirt since these types of sweatshirts are my favorite for cold weather lounging, and was instantly sold on how cute and comfy it was. Maybe a little too young for most peoples tastes but... even at 21 I have no problem wearing colorful unicorns in public. Not to mention, I always find H&M's sweatshirts to be comfy enough to lounge in but presentable enough to wear out.

Unfortunately I couldn't find either of these on the website yet, but I'll keep checking and update this post if I come across them! Since I had a crazy week and didn't get to post at all, I'm going to try my best to post everyday this weekend along with a couple Halloween related posts starting tomorrow :) I know it'll already be November but hey, better late than never.

Are you a fan of H&M?


Shown Above:
H&M | Alien You Are Next Beanie
H&M | Unicorn Print Sweatshirt


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