October 24, 2015

KVD Week | Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Swatches & Review

Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette | $59.00 // Limited Edition

After using this palette religiously for the last 3 weeks now and dedicating an entire week of posts to it on my blog, I'm sure you guys are finally ready for a full review and swatchfest on the Mi Vida Loca Remix palette! This is the last day of Kat Von D week on my blog, so here's my overall thoughts on this incredibly eye-catching palette.

To start, Mi Vida Loca Remix comes with 24 shades, ranging from your most basic of neutrals to the brightest of the bright. It has an array of textures and finishes as well, with a nice balance of both shimmers and mattes as well as a chunkier glitter or satin thrown in here and there.

This palette is the ultimate dream for those of you like myself who love wearing bold colors, but it can also be the one bright palette you'd ever need for those of you who only wear color on special occasions. I think that because they threw in a bunch of neutrals, this palette could appeal to any person or style as long as you can brainstorm some creative uses for it (like if you only wear neutrals, popping a yellow in the inner corner or blue along the waterline adds a subtle but interesting change to your everyday look).

As for the packaging, I personally love that Kat Von D decided to go a bit out of the box, and although quite bulky, it appeals to the amateur vinyl collector in me since it has a sleeve and layout like a record. The outer sleeve is a thick durable cardboard that seems like it would hold up nicely over the years as a collector piece, and the print on it is absolutely stunning like most of KVD's products. Maybe not the most travel or organization friendly, but it is pretty to look at.

I found most eyeshadows in the palette to have superb pigmentation, with a few of the darker shades such as Rewind and Dark Wave being a bit disappointing when worn without a colored base. Layer them over a black or white base though, and you really amp up their pigmentation. There's only one color out of the palette I couldn't work with at all and that was Anthem; when placed on the lid its bold and bright, but as soon as you start blending it wipes right off and I had major beef with this color all together. 1 out of 24 seems fair to me though, and I can live with it being the bummer of the palette.

A great majority of the colors were also a bit powdery in the pan, kicking up quite a bit of product when used with a brush. Overall, the texture of them was nice though, with the brighter shades like Synth, Fran, and Analogue being the shining stars of the bunch.

As you guy's can tell from the array of looks I did this week, this palette is incredibly versatile and the possibilities with it are absolutely endless. Considering how many colors you get with this palette for $59, I think the quality is great and the price is an absolute steal. While it may not appeal to everyone right off the bat, I think that once you start delving into it, you'll find a lot more uses for it than you expect, and its a great addition to any makeup collection. 

Hope you guy's enjoyed Kat Von D week on my blog! Let me know if you plan on picking up this palette before it sells out for good, and what your thoughts on it are.

What are some of your favorite Kat Von D makeup products?

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