October 5, 2015

Last Ipsy Bag | 'Face Fashion' September 2015

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service 

I mentioned in my last post that I would probably be cancelling the last current subscription service I have, Ipsy, so this is my last review post I'll be doing for a little while of glam bags! I might resubscribe in the future to use up my reward points (since Ipsy doesn't let you use them once you cancel), but for now I'm looking forward to saving up some extra money each month. Let's get into the products I got for this months theme, Face Fashion!

This month I got 2 skincare products, 2 makeup products, and 1 nail polish as well as the bag of course, which is this rusty gold color with a zig zag texture. This bag had a lot of great well known brands, and I was really happy with the line up this month. 

First Aid Beauty | Ultra Repair Cream // $6.50
With cold weather coming up, I'm in dire need of some extra travel sized lotions to throw in my purse, so I was happy to see this in my bag. I've heard great things about the brand already, and so far I'm liking this cream for my hands and feet!

Clarisea | Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant // $18 for 5 oz.
This is an interesting little product, as its a loose exfoliate powder that you add to your cleansers to give them a rougher, exfoliating texture. While I love the idea of this, I already use a Clarisonic and broke out every where when I used this the first time, so I may pass it on to a family member.

NYX | Ipsy Exclusive Trio // $6
At first I wasn't super excited about this trio because I haven't been that impressed with NYX shadows in the past, but this palette is great! The color pay off is nice and the colors are neutral while still being a bit interesting with the added shimmer, so its a good palette to quickly grab and sweep on.

TreStique | Lip Crayon in Nantucket Nude // $26 for full size
I received another pencil from TreStique in one of my recent bags in a very similar color, but when writing this post I realized that this one is actually meant for the lips rather than the eyes. Needless to say I haven't tried it yet, but it is a pretty shade!

Formula X | Nail Polish in Ignite // $10.50
While the color is pretty for Fall, I found this formula to be a bit messy and overall didn't look great on the nails, with chipping after just a day or two. Not sure if its just this shade or the line as a whole, so let me know your thoughts on other Formula X colors!

Alright guys! That's it for Ipsy on my blog for a while. This was probably one of the better bags for me though, and as a whole I really did enjoy the subscription. I just have bags and mini products galore taking over my makeup storage now, so I need a couple months to start making a dent in them and saving a bit of money in the meantime.

I'm a bit behind on replying to comments and commenting back on other blogs at the moment, but I should be able to catch up this week!

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