September 29, 2015

Wet N Wild Eyeshadows Redeemed | Art In The Streets

Wet N Wild Art In The Streets Palette | $3.99

Remember a while ago when I reviewed the Wet N Wild Poster Child palette and mentioned that I had bought another colorful palette from the brand that had fared far better? Well, this is it! In fact, it's one of the better colorful drugstore palettes I've gotten my hands on.

Art In The Streets contains 5 super colorful eyeshadows, including a yellow, bright orange, purple, sky blue, and grassy green. They all play great with each other and allow room to be creative, from using all the colors together in one look to incorporating one or two bright pops of color with a more neutral eye look. The variety overall is great, and I'm glad they decided not to go with one color scheme for such a fun palette.

Much like the Poster Child palette, I find these eyeshadows to be quite powdery, where a few dabs of a blending brush sends fallout flying everywhere. With that said, I don't find it to have a ton of fallout when actually applying the colors to my eye, so while maybe a bit wasteful in the pan, it's not a huge problem since it doesn't effect the rest of my makeup. The pigmentation is far better than the former palette however, with every single color coming out bold and bright when applied, which can be very hard to do in cheaper shadows with colors like this. 

Longevity with an eye primer was the usual for me, which means they lasted all day on my eyes with no problems. Without primer these might go on a bit more chalky and sheer, so I recommend a primer or base to get the most of these colors.


While this isn't an every day eye palette for me, I have to say that Wet N Wild has definitely redeemed themselves when it comes to colorful eyeshadow colors. Poster Child was a bust for me, but this palette is really lovely and I find myself adding a bit of orange or yellow in the crease to a ton of my eye looks lately now that this is around, making my every day routine just a bit more fun. I think that this palette is perfect for anyone who likes wearing color once in a while and wants to experiment with them a bit more, since it's incredibly affordable and you get a nice selection of colors to play with and try. 

How often do you play with color in your looks?

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