November 4, 2015

Makeup Geek Haul | Foiled, Duo-Chrome, & More

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Almost a year ago I made my first Makeup Geek purchase of 2 eyeshadows and a Z palette, and for some insane reason it's taken me this long to order again! With the launch of their duo-chrome shadows I couldn't stay away any longer though, so here's a couple of things I picked up this time around.

I'll start with the less exciting stuff first which is the lashes. I've been on the hunt for good, affordable lashes I could try out to finally start learning how to properly apply them, and my first thought was to buy some through Red Cherry! After a bit of endless searching I found out that the MUG site stocks a couple pairs, so I decided to pick up the styles #1 and #217. So far I'm impressed, but I'll probably do a full review of these in a few weeks once I get a bit more wear and tear out of them.

Now for the eyeshadows, I picked up 1 foiled shadow, 1 duo-chrome pigment, 2 duo-chrome pressed shadows, and 3 mattes from her original singles.

I picked the pigment in Hologram to try out because it seemed the most eye-catching to me and ermahgod guys this color is breathtaking. It's a light orange with an olivey green shift, and the tiniest, tinieeest bit goes a long way so this jar alone will probably last me 3 life-times. Easily one of my favorite things ever now, and I plan on picking up more colors soon. (PS it also came with an optional sifter in case you tend to be a bit messy.)

For the special formula eyeshadows, I bought a foiled shadow in Untamed as well as 2 duo-chromes in Blacklight and Secret Garden. You guys have probably heard rave reviews about the foiled shadows so I don't need to add in my two cents, but people aren't kidding when they say these babies are creamy. The duo-chromes were also super creamy when swatched, with Blacklight being a bright lavender with a light blue shift, and Secret Garden being a forest green with a dark purple shift (full review will come later of everything, I haven't used them enough to say my thoughts just yet.)

Lastly, I bought High Tea, Creme Brulee, and Desert Sands from her original formula which I've tried before and loved. What I love most about Makeup Geek shadows is easily the texture. They're so creamy without being crumbly and the pigmentation is almost unmatched as you can tell by the swatches below. I haven't owned a single color yet that made me think 'meh, it's alright'.

Long story short, if you haven't gotten on the MUG bandwagon yet you need to check out the site! They offer some of the most innovative formulas on the market, and at $6-$10 a color you really can't beat the quality. From foiled to regular everyday mattes, Makeup Geek is taking the beauty community by storm and I'm excited to see what Marlena has up her sleeve next.

Have you tried Makeup Geek? If so, what's your favorite eyeshadow line they offer?

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