November 2, 2015

What I Was For Halloween | Pop-Art Zombie

My Halloween Look | 2015

As mentioned in my last post, I'm here to share what I was for Halloween this year! I didn't get a tutorial or anything on it unfortunately since I'm still not great with more artistic looks like this, but I went as this Pop Art Zombie/Skull hybrid that I've seen all over Instagram and Youtube these past few weeks. Mines not super pop-arty since I only had white, black, and red to work with, but I got quite a few compliments on it through out the night while taking pictures of my yard so I felt pretty happy!

For the white I used a combination of MAC's Face & Body in white with Ben Nyes Clown White face paint overtop for a more opaque coverage, and the black I used was a Maybelline gel liner as well as a generic black face paint. The red areas are Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in Bachelorette applied with a concealer brush.

For the other half of my lips I used Colourpops liquid lippie in Vice, and for falsies I used Red Cherry #1's. Everything else is just kind of a mish-mosh of random products I found in my makeup drawers!

I promise now that Halloween is well over this is my last post about it haha, I just had a great time with it this year and wanted to share my excitement with everyone :) I have a haul and review coming up later this week, so we're back to beauty for now.

What were you for Halloween?

Shown Above:
Target | Generic Black Face Paint


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