November 30, 2015

Samantha X Lip Land Cosmetics Collab | Creme Corsett

Samantha X Lip Land Creme Corsett Collaboration | $14.99

As you guys might have seen from my Laundry List post, I've been dying to get my hands on the Samantha from Batalash and Lip Land Cosmetics lipstick she announced on Periscope a few weeks ago! Sam has easily become my biggest inspiration in the beauty community, and I was more than happy to support her when purchasing this lipstick.

Nudes are by far my most worn lip color since they're so quick and easy for everyday, and while Creme Corsett is a nice addition to my collection, its not as nude on my skintone as I expected. I'm usually into the  'almost concealer lips' kind of nudes, such as Fleshpot by MAC that you'll see swatched below, but on me Creme Corsett pulls much more of a tea rose color, that even leaves a raspberry tint to my lips when its worn away. It's really odd, and I've never had a lipstick leave behind a tint that's brighter than the actual color like this.

With that said, the formula of this lipstick is great, and glides right across my lips with ease since its nice and creamy. I had no application issues whatsoever which made me super happy since I had never heard of Lip Land before purchasing this lipstick, and I think it compares well with other lipsticks in this price range. It gave a creamy, opaque finish when applied with one layer which is all I needed, and dried down to a satin-matte finish that lasted about 3 hours before leaving the reddish berry tint behind I mentioned earlier.

Sam mentioned that this lipstick smells like bubble gum but I didn't particularly notice it with mine, and reminded me more of a standard vanilla lipstick scent that most lines seem to have. The packaging doesn't feel particularly high end overall, and the cylinder part of mine actually broke when trying to wind it back down which I've seen happen to many other people too. Beware of this when twisting your lipstick up and down!

Overall, this lipstick isn't quite what I expected in terms of color, but its still one I'll get use out of since I don't own anything similar. I've seen this color look much different on everyone depending on your skintone though, so I'd say look up pictures of it on a skin color similar to yours before giving it a go!

Have you ever tried Lip Land Cosmetics before? What were your thoughts?

Shown Above:
Lip Land Cosmetics | Samantha Lipstick in Creme Corsett

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