December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015 Haul | Games, Collectibles, & More

Christmas Haul | 2015

Between the holidays, crazy work hours, and family time this month I've been a bit MIA from the blog, but now that this year and the holiday season is finally coming to a close, I can start focusing back on you guys again. To catch up a bit today, I'm just sharing a haul of all the gifts I received this Christmas, which is a whole lot of geeky stuff and hardly any beauty in case you want to clock out now. If not, keep reading and we'll nerd it up a bit today ;)

My main wishlist items this year were games and collectibles, which is a majority of what I received from my family. I did have a bit of makeup on my list but to the people shopping for me it was pretty much a second language, so they opted to get me a giftcard instead so I'll share my beauty purchases with you as soon as I figure out what I want to get :) I did however get my first ever Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the shade Mistletoe from my sister, so once I use it a few more times I'll be sure to round up a review! 

Also in the beauty department, I got a few of the Que Bella face masks, pajamas and fuzzy socks that I pretty much live in when I'm not at work, and a bunch of chapsticks, as well as some miscellaneous things like deodorant and underwear. But I'm sure that might be a little TMI to go into detail with.

As for video games, my dad managed to check almost everything off my list with Dragon Age Inquisition, Dying Light, Until Dawn, Shadow of Mordor, and LBP 3 Plush Edition, with The Witcher III still on its way. I can't wait until things slow down again at work because I miss the free time of being able to blog and game all day. Being an adult is a downer sometimes, ain't it?

On the topic of video games, my number one gift I wanted this year was the Deadly Premonition Collectors Edition released by Nis America a few months ago, and my sister came through in picking it up for me! It comes with the PS3 version of Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut, an artbook, a pack of playing cards, and the official soundtrack. I was flipping out when I saw this was being released so long after the game came out, and I'm so happy she was able to snag it for me. 

Anthony still has my big gift on the way so I'll update this post when it gets here, but some other stuff he got me was a boxed Super Mario World for the SNES and Super Famicom (eeeep my favorite game!), and the Fallout 3 vinyl release. He always manages to throw me off guard with something so unexpected every year, and the things he gets always become so special and sentimental to me.

If I keep going over everything I'll probably have a novel to write, so to round up the rest of what I got this Christmas, I got a ton of game plushies as well as a Care Bear and Dumbo Tsum Tsum, a Starbucks & Sephora giftcard, lots of collectibles from Terraria and Minecraft, a collectible NES Jason figure with music that is super killer (so much so that now everyone in my family owns one), Justin Bieber's Purpose, and the movie Pixels that I reviewed a few months ago over at my gaming blog. I also got a pink Yoshi Yarn Amiibo from my dad to go along with my green one from Anthony, and an Alduin Funko Pop from Skyrim. Anything else you guys can check out in the photos!

This year my family really tried to all go above and beyond for each other since we all had a pretty busy and rough year. Christmas may not be about the presents, but as I've mentioned on my other social media sites, sometimes it feels insanely great to give back to the people who mean most to you in life, by spoiling them like silly on the holidays.

I may do an in-depth look at a couple things I got on my game blog once I have the time, but let me know how your Christmas was and some of the favorite things you received were!


Happy Holidays from Eight Bit Beauty!

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