January 12, 2016

Nudest of The Nudes | Melt Cosmetics Sext

Melt Cosmetics Lipstick in Sext | $19.00

I've been doing an absurd amount of lipstick reviews here on my blog recently so apologies! I've just been really into growing my nude collection lately, and trying to pick up as many different shades and tones as I can to have a few different lippies to choose between each day. My newest addition is Melt Cosmetics's lipstick in Sext, which is not only the lightest nude I own, but also my first purchase from the brand.

Sext is a powdery, light baby pink color, that's similar to MAC's Fleshpot but much more matte and a tad lighter and brighter. Because this color is so light, I don't necessarily find it the easiest to wear for everyday, but I do LOVE it when I'm wearing purples and greys. If you have any deeper of a skintone than mine however, I don't think you'll like Sext at all because it's very milky (in fact, even if you are my skintone you still may not like it).

Indie brands tend to be packaged really well when they arrive in the mail, and Melt was no exception! My package not only came with my lipstick, but it also came with a thank you card, a little advertisement with the CEO's Lora and Dana on each side looking like supreme babes, and an itty bitty little Melt lipstick key chain that I about died when I saw. Little things like that are what make me feel a lot more comfortable spending $19 on a lipstick.

Melt lipstick is known for their ultra matte finish, which I had anticipated would make this color look chunky and feel uncomfortable, but neither of those seem to be true. I find this color to go on smooth and even, that does start to feel a bit dry after a few hours of wear but is tolerable. Because this is a lipstick it doesn't last all day on the lips, with a typical wear time of 2-4 hours before needing to be reapplied. With that said, I do notice it can give me that crusty inner rim line along my bottom lip that's a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but very common with lipsticks this color.

While I personally have been loving Sext with my plummy eye looks, if you want something a bit more wearable for every day, I would suggest checking out Nood from Melt instead. I'm super happy that this lipstick is fairly comfortable despite being so matte though, and I look forward to trying some of Melts out of the box colors for my next purchase!

Have you tried Melt Cosmetics? What were your thoughts?

PS: I do have a best of beauty for 2015 coming up very soon! I'm just a tad bit (a lot) behind on picture taking right now, but it will be up this month.

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