January 31, 2016

50 Topics For The Stumped Blogger (Including Myself)

Post Ideas If You're In A Rut

Lately, I've been feeling like my blog has been lacking one major thing: variety. For some reason, I always gravitate towards writing the same posts because it seems like the safest bet, while all my other ideas tend to get lost and forgotten about in the ever growing abyss of my blog backlog. 

As motivation for any bloggers in a writing rut, I thought I would make a post detailing 50 post ideas for people like me who are running a bit low when it comes to brainstorming for new ideas, and to help myself break out of my shell and start doing more of these myself! Woo, lets get this craziness started.

1. Reviews | Testing out a new product? Enough knowledge to recommend it or not? Review it!
2. Current + Monthly Favorites | Keep readers updated on what you've been enjoying lately.
3. Trending | Stay updated on the newest craze, & add your thoughts on it.
4. Wishlists | We all love shopping, so tell us what you currently have on your wishlist!
5. New + Upcoming Releases | Update readers on the newest beauty releases & ones coming soon.
6. Essentials | Have some vital traveling or everyday products you can't live without? Share!
7. Season Routine | Share your seasonal routines, or products you love depending on the weather.
8. Collections | Own a lot of blushes or lipsticks? Show them off!
9. Tags | Rainbow tag, makeup challenges, you name it and there's a tag for it. 
10. Tutorials | Love an eye look you've been rocking recently? Show us how to do it too!
11. Whats In My... | Whether its your purse or travel bag, we want to know what you bring!
12. Advice | Some readers are like family, so share lessons you've learned in life thus far.
13. Blog Tips | Whether it be about photography or making money online, we could use extra tips!
14. Skincare Routine | Show us how you get your skin looking so pretty! And keep it updated!
15. Hauls | Yes, we DO really love knowing about other women's shopping trips!
16. Unboxing | New shoes or a subscription box came in the mail? Show us start to finish!
17. First Impression | First impressions are half the battle, & we'd love to hear yours.
18. Giveaways | A bit more involved, but an amazing way to give back to readers.
19. Current Events | Big brand involved in a scandal? Your country made history? Discuss it!
20. New Manicure | PUH-LEASE tell us what is on your nails!
21. Life Updates | We're your friends, & we'd love to keep up to date on whats been going on.
22. Outfit of the Day | Even if you focus on beauty, we all have an outfit we need to share!
23. Top ___ | Holy grail products don't come easy, so make a list of what yours are.
24. Organization Tips | Share your vanity set up, or how you store your makeup!
25. Reader Survey | Wanna try something new but aren't sure if its for you? Consult the readers!
26. Recipes | We aren't all chefs, but we all do love food, so bring on the brownie recipes.
27. Back To School Anything | Makeup looks, product referrals, etc. People want to be prepared!
28. Face of the Day | Lets you show off a look you're proud of without tutorial pressures.
29. Fragrance Favorites | Share your favorite perfumes, or candles you've been loving!
30. Empties | Tell us about some products you've finished up lately.
31. Would(n't) Repurchase | Make a list of products you would or wouldn't buy again.
32. Worth The Hype? | Trying out a pricey or hyped product? Tell us if its worth the buy.
33. Must-Haves | Is there a certain highlighter you think everyone should own? Share it!
34. ___ To Follow | Tell us about your biggest influences from Blogger, Instagram, & more! 
35. How To | Guide us through topics you have expertise in.
36. Book Reviews | Many vlog/bloggers have come out with books lately, so give one a review.
37. Product Dupes | We all love saving money, so if you have a dupe of a $$$ product, share it.
38. Beauty Hacks | Does it involve coconut oil or removing messed up mascara? TELL US.
39. Personal Care | Maybe a shower routine, or how you exfoliate before lipstick.
40. Upcoming Sales | As someone who always misses beauty sales, I love reading these!
41. _____ Routine | Something like a brush cleaning routine, to help us make it less torture!
42. Lifestyle Changes | Share a new exercise routine or healthy habit you've been following.
43. Rants | Not an everyday topic, but sometimes its nice to talk it out & see others opinions.
44. Room Tours | Whether its of your bedroom or kitchen, give us some decor inspiration.
45. Events | Were you invited to a cool event where its raining sweets & makeup? Share pics!
46. Brand Focus | Maybe share your favorite products from a brand, or a look you did.
47. Basics for Beginnners | We aren't all experts, so start with the basics.
48. Website Help | Give some basic html codes or where to find good layouts.
49. Swatch Post | Own a ton of products from a line? Share swatches so we can see the pretty!
50. DIY's | If you have the insane creativity to do them, share your best ideas!

I really hope this post is a bit inspiring if you've had trouble thinking of blog topics lately, and let me know if there's any new ideas on this list that you plan on trying out! I've had a ton of creative juices flowing these past few weeks so I'm hoping to stay on this decent writing schedule again :)

What are some ways you deal with a blogging rut?

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