January 28, 2016

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Is Back!

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette | $55

Eeek, when I saw Temptalia post about the UD Spectrum palette being back in stock at Sephora, I nearly almost died. Last year this is the one palette I was most bummed about missing out on, because I had every intention of buying it when it was released. Before I knew it was even stocked on the Urban Decay site however, it was already sold out. By some miracle its back, so I thought I would quickly write up a post with swatches before its gone for good again!

This palette has everything it takes to draw me in. It has a beautiful selection of bright (but not too over the top) jewel toned shades that are beautifully arranged in the palette, with super pretty packaging and a reasonable price point.

The lid also has a gigantic mirror in it which is great for up close applications, but be aware that this palette won't be very travel friendly because the lid just sits on top without any kind of clasp or closure.

While all of the colors in this palette are either shimmery, metallic, or glittery which won't be everyone's forte, I think that the amount of all matte palettes being released lately allows some wiggle room for some shimmery goodness to squeeze into my collection.

These are the types of colors that can take your eyeshadow look from an 8 out of 10 to an 11, by popping one in the inner corner or dabbing it in the center of the lid. 

Do y'all see these colors?! SO DEAD! I'm really excited to be able to start using this baby soon, and if you're looking to pick it up too, I wouldn't wait as no one really knows how long it'll stick around this time and how many have been restocked.

I don't think I'll do a full review on this as it doesn't really need one, but I'm sure it'll pop up in some future posts and tutorials so stay tuned. Luckily only 5 of the colors are new and unique to this palette though, so you can still find more of them in the regular UD lineup.

Will you be buying the Spectrum palette this time around, or did you pick it up with the first release?

Shown Above:
Urban Decay | Spectrum Palette

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