January 26, 2016

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks | Mistletoe

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Mistletoe {Limited Edition} | $18

Maybe I'm a little late posting this as the Christmas spirit has long left us all a while ago, but for Christmas I got my very first Jeffree Star liquid lipstick that my sister bought for me so I wanted to make a post on it! 

The shade she bought me is the limited edition color Mistletoe, which is a beautiful true green that was perfect for the holidays, and still looks pretty dang cool even for an average day. It's eye catching, a little out there, and bold, but it's a super fun color to surprise people with, and I guarantee you'll get some questions about it.

The application of Mistletoe is a bit of a doozy, as you really have to take your time to get a clean, even color. In order to get full opaque coverage, I found that I had to apply at least two layers of product, going back and forth between the applicator and a lip brush until my perimeter was crisp and there were no patches or streaks in the center. It takes a good 5-10 minutes to get a nice finished product, so I wouldn't recommend a formula like this if you're in a hurry.

I find the wear time of this to be less than that of say Kat Von D's line, because after a few hours of wear I'll notice a bit of peeling around the inner rim of my mouth where it starts to flake off. I had no problems with it staying on while eating or drinking though, with the flakiness being just a bit more apparent while doing so.

While Mistletoe did feel a bit drier than other brands I've tried as far as liquid lipsticks go, it wasn't super uncomfortable by the end of a days wear that I had to take it off or switch to something else. It does feel a little heavy on the lips however, as I can feel the product through out the day which may be annoying to some people. 

So green lipstick is obviously a very out of the box shade that not many people will be wearing on an everyday basis, but what I love about these is that I've seen the more unconventional colors used as an eyeliner and it looks killer! Jeffree has said that all his liquid lippies are eye safe, so it's another awesome way to get use out of a color like this.

Overall, based on this color alone, I don't think I can say that the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks have my favorite formula, but I can say that he has an incredible line of colors and shades that are worth checking out! Next on my list is I'm Nude and Abused.

Would you ever wear a green lipstick like this?

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