February 18, 2016

Brand Firsts | Saucebox Cosmetics

Saucebox Cosmetics is a cruelty free makeup brand

January was a great makeup buying month for me, because I feel like every time I scrolled through my Instagram or Facebook feed I saw a million different deals going on that I couldn't resist but give in to. One of those deals was from Saucebox Cosmetics, that were offering an amazing deal on some of their eyeshadow palettes that are being discontinued. One of the bundles were two palettes I have been dying to try so I was incredibly excited to get them for so cheap, so here's my first impression on the brand since this was my first purchase from them!

Saucebox has quite the reputation for having some of the best eyeshadows on the market from what I have seen and heard, so when I was able to get these palettes for about $20 bucks each I was stoked to finally try them out. The bundle I bought was of the Temptation and Forbidden Fruit palettes, with one being a fun tropical theme and the other being beautiful pinks and plums. They couldn't be anymore different, which is great to know that you aren't doubling up on any similar shades.

Something I really like about these palettes is that in the corner of each pan, they have a little dip where you can depot the colors if you want, which is awesome for people who like to depot their palettes for traveling or extra space, or if you want to pop one shade out of one palette and put it in another to make your own unique color scheme. It's a tiny detail that adds a huge convenience, and I wish more brands would follow suit. On a related note, the packaging on Saucebox palettes is absolutely gorgeous and super convenient, meaning its not bulky or odd and has all the right features without feeling over done.

The shadows themselves are freaking BOMB. When first swatched I did a little gasp because every single shade was super pigmented, with a tiny little swirl picking up a ton of color on each finger. These also kicked up very little powder when being used, and had minimal fallout when being applied to the lids. They're almost all soft and smooth to the touch with the exception of the glittery finishes that are a bit more gritty, but not so soft to the point that they crumble or dent. Despite the glittery finishes being a bit more gritty however, like the bright red and dark pink, I don't find that it compromises the quality of the color, and they apply just as nice as the other finishes.

I should also mention that these pans are absolutely massive at 4 grams each, while brands like Makeup Geek have less than 2 grams of product per shadow. That means that these should last you just about forever, which even further justifies the price of their palettes.

So yeah, needless to say I'm currently living for the formula of these eyeshadows, and I really hope Saucebox expands the range even further in the coming months! Now I have to get my hands on the Etude palette to have a more natural option to play with :{D

Get these while you can since they're still in stock and on sale, because once they're gone they're going to be discontinued for good!

What are some of your favorite lesser known brands?


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