March 3, 2016

All Them Glitters | Lit Cosmetics Haul

Lit Cosmetics is Vegan & Cruelty Free

If there are two things I have barely ventured into when it comes to makeup application, its glitter and lashes. And after many attempts at trying to apply false lashes and usually failing miserably, I thought I would take a break from them and move over to trying out some glitter application instead. What better brand to start with than of course, the one and only Lit Cosmetics.

Lit Cosmetics specializes in loose glitter, and have a massive range of colors to choose from. Not only that, but their glitters come in different sizes too, so you can go with the standard Size 3, or go with a micro fine one like Size 1 or 2. The smaller the size, the smaller the glitter particle. For this haul, I decided to keep it simple and stick with all Size 3's.

For my order, I actually only bought one thing, which was one of their Lit Kit's which includes a glitter color of your choice, a 4ml size of their glitter base, a tiny brush for applying, and this weird spikey ball wand that I believe is to twirl over any glitter fallout on your face. However, on Valentines Day they were running a special for a free Heartbreaker glitter with any purchase of a Lit Kit, AND a free Undercover glitter on all orders as well! I officially couldn't resist the temptation to purchase from their brand any longer, as it was basically a three for one deal.

The color I ordered with my Lit Kit is the color Barbie Shops, which is this beautiful white glitter with baby pink and blue pieces mixed in. I thought this would be a great color to practice with, as it's super easy to dab in the inner corner for a little extra oomph. Lit Kit's are $20 for all the extra pieces while glitters alone are $14, so I definitely think it's worth picking up one for your first purchase as it's only a few bucks more and you get their really great glitter adhesive with it.

As for the free colors I got, Heartbreaker is a gorgeous deep maroon with a bunch of bright flecks of other colors mixed in, while Undercover is a pretty slate blue. I didn't realize my haul had a huge 4th of July theme but hey, it's nice to have a few colors from different color families at least!

Since these are just glitters I don't think a review is necessary, but I've already worn Heartbreaker and I can say that it didn't bug my eyes at all, and I had very little glitter flecks fall onto my face through out the day so the glitter base worked really well to keep everything stuck in place.

If you guys want to order from Lit I would look out to see what offers they have going on, and they have a ton of ambassadors on Instagram with coupon codes to save you a bit of extra cash!

Have you ventured into the world of cosmetic glitters yet?

Shown Above:
Lit Cosmetics | Undercover Size 3 (Unlisted)

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