March 17, 2016

Giving Into The Hype | Morphe Makeup Brushes

Morphe | Makeup Brush Haul

Though I have been watching Youtube videos for years and years now, I always kind of cringed when I heard people talk about Morphe. Even though some of my favorite Youtubers support their products, I'm always a little weary of private label brands because cheap products can usually equate to cheap ingredients and materials. After realizing I really needed some new eyeshadow brushes in my collection and doing a ton of research though, review after review I read kept saying how impressive their brush line was, so I decided to finally take the plunge.

I picked up 6 brushes total to try out, 5 for the eyes and 1 for the face. 2 are from their elite collection that start with the letter E which is the line that everyone seems to think is by far the best, while 4 are from their 'standard' M range.

First off, I have to mention that these brushes are incredibly affordable, which is where my biggest fears first lied. The eye brushes range anywhere from $2-$10 while their face brushes can be upwards of $20, but its still much more affordable than other brands like Sigma or MAC.

So don't be blown away when I tell you this but... I really, really love these brushes. They're just as soft (if not softer) than the few Sigma brushes I have, and I honestly think I like these even more because of the huge selection Morphe offers, not to mention they're half the price and just as nice.

The overall aesthetic of these is actually quite beautiful too. While the Elite collection is the most raved about range from them, I actually think the matte black handle of the cheaper 'M' range looks much nicer and more sleek, as opposed to the more glossy finger print prone E range. I think both lines are equally as super soft, so don't be afraid to stray to some of the cheaper brushes. 

E14 | Oval Shadow // $6.99
This is a medium sized flat shadow brush, perfect for packing on color to the lid or even along the brow bone. Super soft, dense hairs. I wish it wasn't AS dense since it doesn't really hug the curve of the eye when applying lid colors, but it still does the job.

E43 | Flat Brow // $4.99
Personally, I bought this to apply and blend eyeshadows along my lower lashline. Despite the straight stiffer edge, it's still delicate enough for the under eyes and using this to dab black shadows along my waterline has been my new obsession.

M506 | Tapered Mini Blender // $5.99
Small version of a fluffy blending brush, great for concentrating a color in the crease or blending out the lower lash line.

M149 | Small Round Contour // $1.99
I needed some detail brushes for adding color to tiny places on my eye, and I got this one for applying super dark colors to the outer crease in a small controlled area. Despite being the most affordable in the bunch, I didn't notice any issues with quality with this one versus the rest of the ones I picked up. Just as soft, just as well made!

M441 | Pro Firm Blending Crease // $5.99
This is the perfect size and shape for blending out shadows in the crease, and its one of the softest fluffy blending brushes I own. 

M501 | Pro Pointed Blender // $7.99
This brushes long hairs make it perfect for applying highlighter. Allows you to apply a little powder at a time, for the perfect soft focus glow. I have noticed that with this particular brush however, the hairs have begun fraying along the outside just a bit.

I've already washed these and while I didn't have any issues with shedding thus far, I did notice that the black M501 brush did bleed a little bit of black dye out, so I would recommend washing these prior to use just to get the chemical smell and leftover dyes out (though I would always recommend washing brushes before use regardless).

Final verdict on Morphes makeup brushes? I can honestly and truely say that I think these brushes are totally worth the hype based on the ones I've tried, and I can't believe how they can manage to charge such little money for really great quality brushes. While I haven't tried super expensive lines to compare to, I would say if you're on a budget these are well worth the price. I'll make sure to pick up more face brushes soon and give those a review too!

What are your thoughts on purchasing from private label brands?

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