March 28, 2016

The New Nude | MAC Velvet Teddy

MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy | $17.00 for .1 oz.

As I was first getting into makeup, when I thought of nude lipstick, super pale 'concealer' lips is always the first thing that came to mind (and I still totally wear them NO SHAME OK). However, it seems that lately people are starting to steer away from the flesh tone nude lipsticks, and leaning more towards the darker end of the spectrum. MAC's Velvet Teddy is almost spot on to the new nude trend, so here's my little review on it!

MAC lipsticks are a huge cult favorite in the beauty community, and almost anyone you ask would probably choose the range as their favorite lipstick formula, which I'd agree with just from the ones I've tried. There's endless colors and finishes to choose from, so you're bound to find something you're looking for.

You can probably find 15 other colors from MAC that are in the browny nude color family, but Velvet Teddy seems to be the most popular lately thanks to the Kylie Jenner craze among us the past few months (almost years at this point?). It's the perfect sweet spot between light and dark, that's suitable for every day while still being a bit more bold than your average nude. 

Velvet Teddy has a matte finish (while not ultra matte or powdery), which also means it has really nice staying power on the lips. I've found that its not drying at all despite being matte though, which seems to be a perk of the MAC formula in general. It usually has no problem lasting 6-8 hours on me depending on how much talking or eating I've been doing, and doesn't build up around the inner rim of my mouth like most nudes tend to do.

I personally like pinker, lighter nudes on myself as I've said many times because I'm super pale, but I actually do quite like this color. It's got an awesome formula, and its a nice change from an otherwise boring every day nude. Its also reasonably priced at $17, which is almost considered cheap now a days for higher end lipsticks (most I've seen range from $20 and up).

Overall, I think that Velvet Teddy is a great option for people looking for a deeper everyday nude, especially on skintones a bit darker than mine. The formula of this lipstick stays true to other lipsticks from MAC, having great lasting power as well as an opaque color payoff.

Do you guys prefer darker nudes like Velvet Teddy for everyday, or are you like me and rather rock the pale pink lips?

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