May 27, 2016

New With Colourpop | Brow Gel Pots

Colourpop Eyebrow Gel Color | $6 each

If you guys have been here for any amount of time, you probably know that I've been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow pomade for years now, specifically in the shade Medium Brown. While I absolutely love the product, it is a bit pricey for someone like me who likes to have a few different shades in their collection depending on the day, and I found that Medium Brown was beginning to look a bit too cool toned for my now bright red bangs. In my search for a new product to try, I found out that Colourpop recently started carrying their own version of the brow pomades, at a much cheaper $6 each. I decided to pick up 2 shades to try out, so lets talk a bit about them!

The shades I picked up are Bangin' Brunette and Arched Auburn, with Arched Auburn being a warm light brown and Bangin' Brunette being a warm darker brown shade. Colourpop currently offers 8 colors total with a mix of warm, cool, light, and dark shades, so there's a decent sized selection depending on your preference.

What I love about gel brow products like this is not only the insane, bulletproof longevity, but also how opaque of coverage you can build them up to. For someone like me who shaves off the ends of their eyebrows, I find that pencils and powders can tend to look a little patchy or sheer on the ends compared to the rest of my brows, while gel formulas give a really nice, even color from the front to tail. They also make for a much bolder and defined brow, so if you want something that looks a bit more subtle or natural this type of product might not be for you.

Sorry about the really annoying shadow that keeps wanting to be on the dark brown shade

I've been really loving the formula of these Colourpop pots so far, and in comparison to the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomades, I find the formula of these to be very similar but a bit more creamy, which for some can actually be a con as it's a bit harder and messier to work with. I usually have to go over the ends of my brow a few times with these ones, since the creamier texture glides on a bit more sheer and can look a little wet at first.

Once these dry down and you've built the color up though, they look absolutely beautiful, and I find them just as budge proof as the Dip Brow pomade. Theres also a toooon of product in these gel pots, so one should last you well over a year with how little product you have to use each application.

So if you were to ask me which version I like more, I would honestly have to say that between Colourpop and ABH I like them both about the same, with my highlights for Colourpops line being the cost and color range while the ABH one has a drier, and therefore easier to work with, texture. I think if you would only ever need one shade then the Anastasia pomade is worth the investment, but the Colourpop version is a great alternative for those of you on a tighter budget or want a ton of different shades!

What kind of product do you prefer to fill in your brows?

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