July 27, 2016

Electric Feels | Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay Electric Palette | $49

It only took me months upon months to pick this bad boy up, but after drooling over it during every trip to Sephora I finally decided to snatch it up. This palette is the brightest of the bright, and isn't for the faint of heart; the Urban Decay Electric Palette.

This palette really is electric in every way possible. The packaging is probably one of the prettiest I've seen, and the colors in it are absolutely insane to see in person. From the shocking bright greens to the array of beautiful purples and blues, this palette is a color lovers dream. In total, you get 10 eyeshadows and one dual-sided eye brush for $49.

I do have to note that the pinks/purples however are labeled as not being eye safe, but that's only labeled as so in America as the FDA hasn't tested the pigments as being safe for the immediate eye area while Europe has, so its one of those things you have to use at your own discretion but just be aware that there are other countries that consider these fine for around the eyes.

The texture of most colors is soft and pigmented, and also a bit powdery, so I do notice quite a bit of fallout in the pan when dipping my brush into these. The silver on the other hand, Revolt, is a bit gritty, and has much less color payoff than the others which is a bit odd for a metallic. This seems to have less of a shiny, foil effect and more of a chunkier glitter texture, which may have been intentional but I prefer to use it on top of other colors for a bit of extra sparkle rather than on its own.

I always use an eye primer with all of my eyeshadows, so I haven't noticed any creasing or fading through out the day with these colors, Once I place them on my lid they stick there for the day, and look just as vibrant in the morning as they do at 9 o'clock at night. I have heard of the reds staining lids though, so applying a primer and concealer underneath for me usually works well to combat that.

Overall, I think for the quality and unique shades, this palette is well worth the price tag if you're someone who will get use out of the colors, however I do have a dupe post coming up for a MUCH cheaper alternative I found that I'll be doing a comparison on soon for those of you that would prefer something more affordable or wouldn't get a ton of use out of these bold of colors.

Would you get use out of shades like this?

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