July 19, 2016

Mark Makeup | Shimmer Cream Cube in Coral Glow

Mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cube in Coral Glow | $16

My mom recently started selling Avon products again, and since I've been wanting to try Mark Makeup for many years now, I decided to take advantage of it and finally order something through there magazine this time. They have some really cool products for the summer time right now, but these Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes caught my eye the most. There are two shades to pick from, so I picked the darker warmer color in Coral Glow.

This caught my eye so much because of the really unique design with all the different color cubes, and the shades themselves. Coral blushes are my weakness, and this one makes an absolutely beautiful shade when all the colors are blended together. However, what makes this so awesome is that you don't have to use every color every time, so you can really experiment with each of the cubes and come up with your own color palette. The top colors by themselves also make sweet highlighters, either used together or separately, so you have a ton of different options and uses for this one little product. 

Because this is a cream face product, you aren't going to have great payoff with a standard blush brush, so I'll either use a synthetic brush, or run my finger over the cubes first to get them warm and creamy then go in with my fluffy powder brush for a nice diffused color. You can also use your fingers by themselves, which I regularly do with the more highlighty shades to dab over the high points of my face for some extra glow!

Since this is described as a cream to powder finish, it doesn't get sticky or wet on the cheeks, and lasts just fine through an entire day of wear. I would say the overall finish of it on the skin looks pretty similar to a baked blush because of the shimmer, which is always my go-to type of cheek product for the summer.

Overall, while cream products can be a bit tougher to work with and get the hang of, I think a formula like this is perfect for the summer, and the color of it is absolutely beautiful! Not to mention the fact you can coordinate your own shade of blush or highlighter depending on the day is really cool. These are marketed as being all over face palettes, so theres a ton of possibilities and uses to come up with.

Have you ever tried Mark products? What were your thoughts?

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